September 30, 2023 at 9:10 am

‘Don’t pick up work calls outside of working hours.’ Should This Guy Have to Cover A Shift When A Coworker Called Out, Even After He Just Worked A Double?

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@socialist_mac_miller

The following TikToker is really bummed because his bosses moved him to a 3-11 shift and he was happy with getting a lie-in and having leisure time during the day… until…

He was awoken one day recently at 6.51am by his bosses’ boss, when he was in a “dead sleep”.

The worker was asked if he could come in and cover the early shift as someone had “called out.”

Source: TikTok/@socialist_mac_miller

And the real PROBLEM was…

The first shift started at 7am! And he’d already covered two double shifts overnight that week because someone had called out.

“I think I earned myself a little bit of reprieve,” he tells his followers.

Source: TikTok/@socialist_mac_miller

The guy says he was trying to explain to the boss that: “Unless he wants me to take a DeLOrean to work” there was NO WAY he was going to make it for 7am.

He’s highlighted an important fact with his story – that there needs to be more “Liveable jobs,” and bosses often aren’t promoted for their smarts!!!

Source: TikTok/@socialist_mac_miller

Watch the full video here:


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Here’s what y’all thought:

This is solid advice!!! Leave work where work NEEDS to be!

Source: TikTok/@socialist_mac_miller

More folks who feel you need to put that phone down on ‘Hello!’.

Source: TikTok/@socialist_mac_miller

And this is the best comment!  Ask the boss to cover!  We’re betting they won’t.

Source: TikTok/@socialist_mac_miller

I really feel for this guy. Ugh.