September 29, 2023 at 3:19 pm

His Kids Complained About Veggies So This Dad Let Them Make The Soup. They Refused To Eat Their Own Creation.

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA

Kids are notorious for hating vegetables. It’s like human beings don’t come equipped with the gene we need to force ourselves to eat healthy.

As parents, it can be a tough row to hoe, and this dad was exasperated trying to explain to his kids why their mom’s chicken noodle soup wouldn’t taste as good without the veg.

Kids are awesome at malicious compliance – but it is a 2-way street 😉

My kids can be picky eaters at times. My wife made some damn good chicken soup, but the kids were complaining that there were veggies in their chicken soup, they hate veggies, veggies make them sick, and they wanted my wife to pick them out of the soup.

We tried to tell them that good chicken soup needs veggies to taste good, but they were being stubborn. I’m sure other parents can understand.

So, he offered to let them help make the soup the next night and they could approve every single ingredient.

I told the kids “if you really hate the taste of veggies, I’ll make soup tomorrow, and you guys can make sure I only put stuff in you like.”

They liked that idea, at the time.

They ended up with a pot of chicken, water, noodles, and salt.

The next day, I get the pot filled with water, all the typical soup ingredients out, and gathered the kids. I asked for their approval on every item.

Chicken – yes, salt – yes, black pepper – no (gross, too spicy), celery – no (I can’t even stand the smell), onions – NO!!!

It went on with that, with them rejecting parsley, bay leaves, and other veggies. The total contents of the pot ended up being:

— Chicken, water, salt, noodles

As you can imagine, it wasn’t very tasty – and the kids didn’t think so, either.

After the soup was done cooking, I served it up and they excitedly started to eat.

A few funny faces later, and one of them said “it tastes weird, this isn’t very good”.

I said “but I only put in everything you guys approved. I think, from now on, I should make the soup, right?”

Now, they may not love vegetables, but they do understand why they might be nice to see in their food now and again.

They looked at each other and said “can we have mom’s soup instead?” Since that day, they haven’t complained about finding veggies mixed in the food.

Sure, they almost always eat around a carrot or green pea, but they understand that it adds flavor.

What does Reddit think of this Dad win? Let’s find out!

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You’ve gotta just keep getting them to the table.

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However you can get the veggies in.

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You’ve gotta celebrate every win when it comes to kiddos.

At least, that’s how we roll around here.