October 11, 2023 at 10:25 am

‘I tried to be clever and say leave $1 in the account.’ They Were Told They Had To Pay A Fee To Close Their Bank Account So They Malicious Complied

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/iStock

Bank fees seem to be out of control these days.

The big financial institutions seem to find a way to charge customers for just about everything and the person who wrote this story decided they’d had enough.

Check out how decided to get a little bit of petty revenge on their bank. We think you’ll love it!

Account closing fee? Ok, leave my account open, forever.

“A long time ago I worked at a company that gave me a retirement account through Fidelity. I eventually changed jobs to a different company that provided a retirement account through another provider.

So I call up Fidelity to roll my old account funds into my new one. Fidelity can do that for me, but there is a $50 account closing fee.

Why do they have an account closing fee? Because **** me. That’s why.

I tried to be clever and say leave $1 in the account, but they require a $50 minimum in case you do want to close at a later date.

Cue malicious compliance. Ok, roll over all my funds except for $50. Keep the account open. Send me quarterly updates on my $50. Invest it. Make it grow.

I now have a tradition, once a year I call Fidelity to transfer over all but $50 of my account balance, usually just a check for a few $. By this point, I’ve cost them way more than $50 of service, postage, and checks they mail to me, but I still have a few decades to retirement.

Let’s see how much I can cost them before they give me my $50. I’ll go to my grave with that account still open if it means Fidelity never gets the account closing fee.

Why? Because **** them.”

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The idea that somebody would charge you to close your account is nuts.

Good for this person!