October 26, 2023 at 6:10 am

‘I’m asking that my basic human rights are being respected.’ Woman In Wheelchair Calls Out Airport Employees For Pushing Her Without Consent

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@chronically_lottie

This young woman gets distressed at a British airport when she objects to a staff member pushing her without her permission.

The wheelchair user said all she needed was for a staff member to ask if they could push her and it would have been okay but she gets tearful and upset, saying this didn’t happen.

Source: TikTok/@chronically_lottie

She drew a lot of support on TikTok, as people started to really recognise how pushing someone in a wheelchair without their permission could really impede upon a wheelchair users rights, as a person.

In the clip, Chronically_lottie, tells staff at the airport: “You should know about basic respect, that you ask a wheelchair user before you push them.”

Source: TikTok/@chronically_lottie

Getting more and more upset with the situation, she adds: “I’m not mean, I’m not meaning to raise my voice. I’m not meaning to. I’m sorry that I talked a little bit loud. I’m not meaning to. I’m just trying to educate and say, ‘Please, can you speak to people better? Can you ask them before you push them?”

Source: TikTok/@chronically_lottie

“It’s not difficult… I’m asking that my basic human rights are being respected. Surely I know what they (Wheelchair users) want… I should know how people want to be asked before they get pushed, it’s scary.”

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My horrible experience with special assistance- this is one conversation of many- after I asked the lady to ask next time she immediately shoved me off the the man- I was not being listened to- you would think that when your job is to help disabled people that you would be more educated and kinder- about 5 people pushed me without asking or even talking go me and they all got mad when I tried to correct it, they kept taking my items off me and doing things I could easily for myself, going so fast my friend with our suitcase trolly couldn’t keep up- I had a panic attack at security and had to keep ringing mum just to get through it and she spoke to them- when he spoke to my mum and realised who she was and my mum explained my disabilities he was ridiculously nice #specialassistance #Stanstedairport #chronicillness #disabled #wheelchairuser #airport #bpd #neurodivergent #disabilityrightsarehumanrights

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Here’s what people thought of this wheelchair user’s view:

Respect for her using her voice.

Source: TikTok/@chronically_lottie

More detail on the situation.

Source: TikTok/@chronically_lottie

Lessons may have been learned.

Source: TikTok/@chronically_lottie

Always get consent, fam.