October 10, 2023 at 10:36 am

‘I’m sorry, I don’t have any change.’ Woman Shuts Down A Catcaller Like A Pro By Acting Like He’s A Panhandler

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@brydieannm

This British woman shut down a guy trying to chat her up on the sidewalk with a TikTok burn.

So, she’s innocently minding her own business, when some guy attempts a chat up line that sounds extremely lame.

And he’s left looking for his self respect on the floor by the time she’s done!

Source: TikTok/@brydieannm

@Brydieannm told her followers she picked up that slam dunk tip from fellow TikToker and we reckon a lot of women will be grateful for it!

She said: “Does anyone watch that TikToker who does the series ‘Things you can say to p**s off men, if his name is Kyle.’

But was this lame guy’s name Kyle?

Source: TikTok/@brydieannm

Well, of course our girl didn’t hang around long enough to find out!

“I just used one of them (tips) and it worked,” she said. “I was just walking and this guy walked past me with his dog. And he literally looked me up and down and went ‘Hello’.

Source: TikTok/@brydieannm

Our girl can barely contain herself!  She’s laughing so much, it’s making us laugh, right!

Anyhow, she continues in her most creepy voice, explaining that this guy had “tried to start talking to me and I went I’m sorry I don’t have any change.”

Ouch!  And again, she nearly breaks into laugher – and she’s still walking.

We’re wondering can that schmuck still hear her?!

“And he looked so confused and then so angry and I just carried on walking,” she finished.

Yes you did girl! We salute you!

Watch the full video below:


What am I sayinggg of course you do. Its a top tier series 🤣 @Kyle Prue #thingsyoucansaytopissoffmen #fyp #kyleprue #catcalling #storytime

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Here’s what people thought of this street slam:

She’s getting a lot of respect from others willing to pick up where she left off!

Source: TikTok/@brydieannm

Double ouch!

Source: TikTok/@brydieannm

TikTok trends are rather infectious, that’s for sure!

Source: TikTok/@brydieannm

This is so funny!

Good for her!