October 28, 2023 at 7:29 am

‘It’s like a personal measuring tape.’ Thrift Shopper Shows A Simple Hack To Find Pants That Fit Without Trying Them On

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@coryleemusic

Buckle up ladies and gents – this thrift store shopper ain’t nobody’s fool – she’s got a sure fire hack to make sure her pants fit and she’s prepared to use it!

And while she’s at it, she’s showing humanity how to be better, when out thrifting.

Source: TikTok/@coryleemusic

@coryleemusic told her followers on TikTok: “Alright friends, this is my number one thrifting hack. So, I always go thrifting wearing a belt.

“It’s like a personal measuring tape. I just take it off and I try it on pants that I like.”

Source: TikTok/@coryleemusic

Now, that is quite clever, if there’s no changing rooms and apparently there aren’t at Value Village!

She continued: “So, these ones would be too small sadly,” she says about one pair of pants.

“And I was looking at these kind of ’80s cords, so I tried the belt on those – perfect! So, yeah, I always go thrifting with a belt!’

Source: TikTok/@coryleemusic

So… belts off, it is. Our shopping goddess shows us how, flipping her belt at the waist of pants she loves and then finds out if they’ll fit her that way!

Clever, you might say. Well, some think it’s actually genius according to feedback online.

Shoppers of the world salute you lady!

Here’s the full thrifty clip:


This is my #1 thrift hack!!!! @ValueVillage #coryleethrifts #thrifthack #torontothrift

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Here’s what people thought of the thrift hack:

Well, there’s always someone with a hack – but I don’t advise this one…

Source: TikTok/@coryleemusic

Some folks are a little too prepped!

Source: TikTok/@coryleemusic

This is an all sizes hack!

Source: TikTok/@coryleemusic

This actually is a really smart idea. And something I’d never think of.

Well done, fam!