October 25, 2023 at 12:39 am

‘It’s like the devil himself runs State Farm.’ A Contractor Talked About Why People Should Avoid State Farm Insurance At All Costs

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@oyasumisushi

State Farm…you’ve been put on blast.

A contractor for a roofing and siding company named Josh posted a video on TikTok and warned viewers about why he thinks State Farm insurance is “one of the worst.”

Josh said he doesn’t personally use State Farm but he sees how the company handles insurance claims for damaged homes through his job because he helps people in his home state of Indiana file claims and get money from insurance companies after their homes are damaged during storms and tornadoes.

He said, “Every single time somebody has State Farm, doesn’t matter if they’re in the direct path of a tornado, they will always argue about what they’re gonna pay for and what they’re not gonna pay. Every single time.”

Josh then said that State Farm puts up a big fight about repairs that are needed and they play games by switching insurance adjusters to slow down the process.

He added, “It’s never consistent and it’s always the biggest headache.”

Source: TikTok/@oyasumisushi

Josh also claims that State Farm will consistently cover only parts of roofs to be repaired but will leave out entire sections that they deem are “not damaged enough” and that gets pricey for the homeowners.

He then shared a story about a particular customer of his who really got screwed over by State Farm.

Source: TikTok/@oyasumisushi

He said the company ended up getting caught in their own lie and, though they admitted they messed up, they still wouldn’t pay the full price for a person’s roof.

Josh said, “Allstate is pretty bad, right. I’ve run into a lot of issues with Allstate. State Farm though, it’s like the devil himself runs State Farm.”

Strong words…

Source: TikTok/@oyasumisushi

Take a look at his video.


When someone with state farm asks me “what should I do then”? I always tell them to find better insurance. #insurance #statefarm #roofing

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Here’s what people had to say.

One viewer said they’ve never had a problem with State Farm.

Source: TikTok/@oyasumisushi

Another person said all types of insurance in America are TRASH.

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And this TikTok user brought up a funny story from the past…

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Insurance is complicated stuff.

Let’s hope it all gets sorted out!