October 5, 2023 at 8:31 am

‘She sat and accused me of trying to scam her.’ She Tried To Buy A $20 IKEA TV Stand, But The Rich Person She Was Buying It From Thought She Was A Scammer Because She Was Poor

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@justpeers

It’s the rift as old as time – rich versus poor – and this young woman gets to the heart of the problem with an IKEA TV stand!

TikToker @justpeers told her followers how she’d spotted a second hand IKEA TV stand for sale for $20 on Facebook’s marketplace but when she went to pick the item up, she said she was made to feel like a scammer!

Source: TikTok/@justpeers

@justpeers said: “The second someone who’s been rich their entire life smells the fact that you have less money they become so on guard. I just went to pick up a $20 IKEA TV stand on Facebook marketplace. If you didn’t know IKEA furniture loses its value the second that you buy it.

Source: TikTok/@justpeers

She continued… “If you’re buying IKEA furniture within the last decade, that’s not a cool collection. It was $20. This woman posted an hour before I was there. She was like ‘You need to be here within the next hour if you want this thing.’ My cheap desperate *** was there within the next hour.”

Source: TikTok/@justpeers

“I rolled up to Dan Humphrey’s apartment from Gossip Girl, this beautiful Williamsburg loft. She had Cadillac keys on her table, so she has money.”

Source: TikTok/@justpeers

And here’s the rub…

“Tell me why she sat and accused me of trying to scam her of her $20 IKEA TV stand. She was accusing me of not zelling her because the Zelle was not receiving on her end, so much that she thought I photoshopped the Zelle transaction and asked for a screenshot from my bank account.”

Source: TikTok/@justpeers

It appears this woman could be just right – that divide – it still seems to be well and truly alive!

We hope she enjoys her second hand IKEA TV stand, at least!

Watch the full clip here:


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Here’s what people thought of the rich Vs poor debate and this TV stand debacle:

Ooooh is this poster throwing some shade?

Source: TikTok/@justpeers

More defence for those rich folks?

Source: TikTok/@justpeers

Ouch.  This is hilarious.  But stone cold and if this is your friend, you need to get new ones!

Source: TikTok/@justpeers

Man… some people just can’t catch a break.