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‘Sara dumped him and got her son’s name changed a month later.’ His Sister’s Boyfriend Cheated On Her And Give Their Child A Horrible Name, So This Brother Got Hilarious Revenge

by Matthew Gilligan

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I’m gonna share some advice with you that you should always keep somewhere in your brain: never mess with someone’s sister.

It’ll never end well and you’ll wish you never made that tragic mistake!

A person shared a story on Reddit about how they decided to get back at a guy who did their older sister wrong.

Their sister Sara was with a fella named Paul and Sara got pregnant…and the pregnancy wasn’t easy.

He Ruined My Sister’s Only Birth Experience So I Made Sure He’d NEVER Forget Her.

“My sister – we’ll call her “Sara” for the story Sister’s Ex-BF – “Paul” Ex-BFs New Wife – “Jane” Ex-BFs Parents – “Mr. And Mrs. Doe” Oldest brother – “Zeke” Our parents And Me 🙂

When I was 14 and my oldest sister, Sara, was 22 we found out that she was pregnant with Paul, her boyfriend of 4 years. They immediately got engaged and they were really happy. For a time. Sara had a horrible pregnancy, about 16-18 weeks in the “wonder of creating a human life” evaporated within her.

She developed hyperemesis (which if you don’t know is really bad morning sickness), she was constantly in pain, she developed gestational diabetes, and just all around didn’t like the experience. Around this time Paul, the then-fiance, started getting sick of the complaining. I believe the argument was “your body is built to do this, it can’t be that bad”.

And Paul’s family seemed a little bit pushy, as well.

Sara was due around Valentine’s Day and Paul’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Doe, were very excited, both about the grandkid and the fact that he could be born on a holiday. She was very against that and really really hoped that her son wouldn’t be born on a holiday, even one as small as Valentine’s day (her birthday sometimes falls on Easter and she doesn’t like it) because it might make him feel that “his day” isn’t very much about him.

Well, Mrs. Doe says something like “Well if you name him Valentine or Valentino then that’ll make the day even more special to him!” Again, sister did not like the idea. She thought it was tacky, he’d be bullied for it, and just really didn’t like the name Valentino. Paul loved it, but agreed to go with a more average name like Daniel or Jared.

Fast forward to February and she was ready to Get This Over With. Sara had officially been put on bed rest because while standing or walking her blood pressure took unexpected spikes and dips. I look back now and goodness do I feel bad for her.

That baby was gonna come out on Valentine’s Day no matter what, it seemed. And Sara had a rough go of it.

She was doing her best to avoid giving birth on Valentine’s day because, again, she didn’t want him born on a holiday. Unfortunately, births happen when they happen and that baby was going to come on Valentines day whether she wanted him to or not.

I remember waiting out in the waiting room with my dad, brothers, and Paul who couldn’t stand to be in the delivery room because it was “gross”. I was so mad that he could have gone in but wouldn’t because he thought my sister was “gross” while giving birth, whereas I had to stay outside because I was “too young” to go in with my mom and other sister.

Dad went home with the youngest two brothers while the oldest, Zeke, stayed to watch me because I refused to leave. 16 hours after Sara went into labor my little nephew was officially part of the family on the evening of Valentine’s day.

Unfortunately, Sara was not okay. She had to have an emergency cesarean section and while doing the operation discovered that the back of her uterus (facing her spinal cord) had a very large and very severe (thankfully non-cancerous) tumor. When I say large I mean it was twice the size of a standard uterus.

The complicated birth had everyone worried and Paul was supposedly taking care of business while his girlfriend struggled to have their baby.

The doctors were shocked and didn’t understand why nobody had noticed it on an ultrasound. It accounted for her severe back pain and blood pressure issues. The doctors immediately went in for more surgery to remove the tumor, but sadly ended up having to perform a full hysterectomy. This meant that my nephew would be Sara’s only child.

Now while Sara was in for surgery Paul was taking care of everything baby related to make sure his son was okay. In my 14 year old self’s memory I remember him being suitably distraught, but I didn’t really pay him much mind and spent my time in the waiting room with my mother and other sister. Zeke, however, wanted to be a good future brother-in-law and make sure that Paul was okay.

He found Paul filling out the baby paperwork on his own looking (in my brother’s words) “like he had not a single worry in his mind”. Zeke asked why Paul didn’t wait for Sara to fill out the paperwork as she should have been put of surgery within the hour, and Paul said that he just wanted her to get her rest and heal. That checked out with Zeke, as he was 16 and didn’t know any better at the time.

And I think you might know where this story is headed…uh oh…

Now I know what you’re probably thinking. “No, he wouldn’t. He knows how much she doesn’t like that name. And still, she’d need to sign the paperwork too!” My fellow peoples of Reddit, I regret to inform you that Paul forged Sara’s signature on the paperwork and waited until she was out of surgery to hand said paperwork over.

My sweet nephew, that was born on Valentine’s day, was named “Valentino” on his first official birth certificate. I still to this day don’t know why Paul and his family were so insistent about the name. He had even picked out a different one with my sister! And before you ask, no he was never brought up on forgery charges because his parents were “witnesses” to her signing the papers, even though they only got there at the last minute.

And things got ugly from there.

So Sara dumped him and got her son’s name changed a month later. She was willing to do split custody with him because that’s her son’s father and she wants the kid to know him, but Paul vanished and she never heard anything back, which seemed weirdly out of character to us.

Until a mutual friend on Facebook was tagged in his wedding pictures 6 months later. Paul had apparently started cheating on her not long after she got pregnant. Sara was livid but there wasn’t much she could do so she filed for child support and continued to lived her best life.

And then it was time for some sweet revenge and it came out of a chance encounter.

Until 6 years later. This is where the revenge starts, my friends.

So Sara has been a single mother for the past 6 years and has been amazing at it. At this point in my career I’ve been a hairdresser for about 8 months at our local GreatClips. I’m working one day and who is seated before me but Jane, Paul’s wife, herself.

I take her back for a trim and she clearly has no idea who I am. That adds up because a mutual friend that still keeps in contact with Paul said that Jane doesn’t know a thing. She has no idea about Sara, that she was the other woman, or that Paul actually has a kid that he’s been (infrequently) paying child support for. She’s in the dark on it all.

I told myself not to be a jerk and treat her like a normal customer, which I did. Now at this point, Jane was heavily pregnant, so a lot of our conversation was about that. She loved being pregnant but it was hard, her husband was so unsympathetic (big shocker), and she was due in 10 weeks and they still hadn’t picked out a name for their baby girl.

They realized this was quite an opportunity…and one to get back at that creep, Paul.

Ladies and gentle people, this was my chance.

I asked what kind of name she was looking for and she said “I want something unique and unusual, but not ridiculous like Brayntleigheigh” (you know the ones I’m talking about) and Paul had suggested so many already and she didn’t like ANY of them. So I, conniving little weasel I am, said “what about Sara?”

My sister’s name isn’t actually “Sara” she was named after an older family member that passed not long after she was born, but there was no female equivalent for his name so our parents created one. It’s a beautiful name and just what Jane was looking for.

She loved it, she stuck by it, and I found out by stalking her Facebook months later that she had put her foot down about it and that was their daughter’s name. Now Paul has a daughter with his ex’s name to remind him every day about her (and to also remind him to pay his ******* child support).

And the story has a happy ending!

Little nephew is 10 years old now with a new name and no contact with his biological father, though we do still sometimes call him Val as a family nickname. He likes it but doesn’t want to bring it to school so it’s staying a family nickname.

Sara pretends to not like it when we call him that, in a joking way. As long as he likes it she doesn’t have a problem with it. And she’s seeing a new guy who’s really great and like a father to Val.”

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