October 28, 2023 at 2:56 am

‘She never said no to a chance to get hammered.’ A Foreign Exchange Student Bullied Her Sister, So She Got “Nadia” Sent Back To Her Home Country

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: AITA/Reddit/BibiLittle

You’d think that a foreign exchange student who comes to the U.S. would just want to blend in and enjoy their time in another country, but this story throws that theory right out the window!

A person shared a story on Reddit and talked about how they got even with a foreign exchange student who relentlessly bullied their sister.

And it all had to do with a certain feature of their sister’s anatomy.

Got a foreign exchange student sent home to her own country for relentlessly bullying my sister.

“My sister was bullied relentlessly in high school for something she had literally zero control over; a certain part of her anatomy. Without going into details, she felt terrible about it and it more or less ruined her life as an insecure fifteen-year-old girl.

The girl responsible for most of the cruel bullying and the one who gave her a particularly cruel nickname related to her physical issue, was called Nadia. Nadia was a foreign exchange student at our school.

It sounds like this Nadia character was pretty awful.

Nadia was beautiful. She was cruel. And she didn’t give a **** about what anyone but herself.

I wasn’t Miss Popularity myself but I had to protect my sister from having her life ruined and I felt a very strong urge to get back at her tormentors. They say to **** a dragon with many heads, you gotta cut off the main head. So that’s what I did.

I learned that the father of Nadia was very conservative. Her whole family back home was. So, I started spreading rumors about her being very promiscuous and ensured these rumors reached the family she was staying with. This apparently caused her some trouble, but I wasn’t done… I threw a party one night when my parents were gone.

I invited Nadia, who gladly came as I was a “cooler older girl” somehow and she never said no to a chance to get hammered. Because yes, there was a LOT of liquor. I made sure of that. Took pictures of everyone drinking and having fun. That same night when everyone left, I put it on my Facebook. Tagged Nadia on it, she was my FB friend.

But it also seems like she wasn’t too bright when it came to social media guidelines.

She had this option turned on where everything she is tagged in is automatically allowed on her timeline… so a picture of her, very intoxicated and very skimpily dressed, made its way to her page.

Because of it being the middle of the night, she must not have noticed until the next day in the morning so it stayed on for hours. But due to her parent’s time zone being vastly different, I was sure they would see it before she had a chance to take it down…

And it turns out the tactic that this person worked like a charm…ouch…that’s some pretty epic revenge.

They did. I wasn’t there to see the fallout, obviously, but she was gone the next week from school and flown back to her home country. Apparently, her parents had to “save her from being corrupted” or something.

So, she was gone. And my sister safe from ridicule as word of my involvement spread and lets just say people didn’t really want to mess with her after seeing how far I was willing to go to protect my little sister.”

Here’s what people had to say.

This individual said this was the best form of revenge.

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A Reddit user thought this was BRUTAL revenge.

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This individual applauded them for doing this.

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And one person thinks this could have been done a better way.

Can’t please everyone!

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Sounds like a complicated story, but I guess she got what was coming to her.

A sad tale all around!