October 14, 2023 at 1:26 pm

‘The wing was free, but the cup of milk after was $20.’ Wing Shop Owner Creates The Hottest Wing Possible To Give People Who Challenge Him The Ultimate Pain

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA/iStock

I get the feeling that anyone who has ever owned or worked at a hot wing store has heard more than their fair share of people complaining that things aren’t hot enough.

Which is crazy.

This person had a pretty hot hot wing, but still, there were always people who wanted more.

I used to own a wing joint. Nothing fancy, but a good selection of wing flavors and beer.

Inevitably we would have people come in and order the BYFO “burn your face off” wings (I like super spicy foods, so these were pretty damn hot).

Of those people, about 5-10% would always start the joke/sarcastic conversation.

“These aren’t that hot. Can you make it hotter?!?”

Yuk, yuk, yuk.

Enter one of their customers who grew hot hot ghost peppers and sold them to OP. He used them to make extra hot hot hot sauce.

One of my best regulars, a dentist who fancied himself a gardner, decided to help us out and planted a ghost pepper bush (at the time the hottest pepper in the world) and he could bring us the bounty of his harvest. And he would intentionally under water the bush so the peppers would be as hot as they could be…

When he would bring us the peppers, I would grind them (seeds and all) into a nice paste which I would combine with our BYFO sauce and keep to the side for when our spicy wing connoisseurs would show up and complain about the BYFO sauce not being hot enough.

These were called Death Head wings.

No matter how many times he warned people, he never listened.

I would only serve them one Death Head wing (seemed a fitting name).

I would make them wear gloves to eat it to prevent capsaicin burns on their skin.

I would specifically tell them about the heat they were about to get into, trying to dissuade them from eating this culinary monstrosity.

By the time we got through all this, every single person always now viewed this as an insult to their manhood (never had a woman complain about heat, but would sometimes actually ask if there was another level they could try) and could not be stopped from eating this wing.

The “best” part was how the spice would take a minute to kick in, so they’d almost always eaten way too much of it.

So they did.

The fun thing about capsaicin oil is it can often take a few seconds to kick.

Usually just enough time for the person to scarf down the wing and start to smuggly tell us how it wasn’t that hot.

And then the heat would begin. And once it started it was relentless.

The wing was free, but the milk? That’ll cost you.

The wing was free, but the cup of milk after was $20.

I never had a single person ask for a second one.

Will Reddit feel badly for the mouths that are on fire? Let’s find out!

Some people are just gluttons for punishment.

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I don’t know why people hate themselves.

Food is supposed to be pleasant!