October 2, 2023 at 2:05 pm

’10 minutes were enough for him to write me up.’ A Worker Decided To Take The Day Off Because They Were One Minute Late To The Job

by Matthew Gilligan

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People who are constantly late definitely get on my nerves in a major way, but one minute late for a person who is a good employee?

That seems a little bit ridiculous, don’t you think?

Well, the individual who shared their story on Reddit sure thinks so…so he decided to maliciously comply with the rules.

Check out the story below.

Being 1 minute late = being out for the day, so I’ll take the day off.

“So I worked at this company for 2 years and never had attendance issues brought up, and received 2 promotions in a year.

They were training me for another promotion when my boss goes through every time I’ve ever been even a minute late back from breaks or lunches. Keep in mind in the last 6 months I had only ever been out sick twice which even though I had sick pay were each considered a strike.

Even when I got COVID from being exposed at work, the 2 days I called out were each separate occurrences held against me on my review and bonus.

Effectively it was 5-10 minutes all in one minute increments and those 10 minutes were enough for him to write me up and say I will still be training for the promotion but there is no way in my review in a month I will receive the promotion or pay increase till next review.

He even said I was an example employee, excelling in this role and I can handle more then anyone without being challenged. So because of these few minutes I will have to do the job for this promotion for a year without pay or title and I’m on write up.

I asked him to clarify if that meant each time I was a minute late was as much as a strike as being out sick for the day and he said yes, it’s based on occurrences.

Well one day I was having car issues, and if I were to work from home that day I’d only be a minute or two late, he also reprimands having to work from home too much since we’re supposed to be in office 4 times a week. If I came in office I’d be at least 20 minutes late. So I decided to call out sick since it’s all the same anyways.

He also ended up promoting me anyways, after telling me this wasn’t possible no matter how perfect my attendance was. So I found a new job and left, giving me an even bigger raise.”

Now let’s see how people reacted.

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I still don’t know why employers do this to employees. It’s so dumb.