November 1, 2023 at 8:49 am

‘9 times out of 10 that phone is not gonna work.’ Former Phone Store Employee Says Never Bring Broken iPhones To Cell Phone Providers

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@drcasanovabrown,Unsplash/@bhaguz

Phone maintenance can be pretty confusing.

Where do you go? Who does the best job? What are the standards you should judge any work by?

The questions go on and on…

But today is our lucky day!

A TikTokker named Kima who previously worked at a phone service store said that if you own an iPhone and something goes wrong in the first year of ownership, definitely go to an Apple store for repairs instead of your cellphone provider.

He said that if you do go to your cellphone provider, you’ll likely be given a “certified like-new replacement” phone that is just a refurbished device and it will probably have more problems than your old phone.

Source: TikTok/@drcasanovabrown

Kima said, “Don’t do that, take it back to the Apple store. If something happens to your phone like it’s not holding a charge, or the screen goes out, whatever happens, take it to Apple.”

He added that it might seem more convenient to go to your provider, but it’s definitely not worth it.

Source: TikTok/@drcasanovabrown/Unsplash/@bhaguz

He said about replacement phones that providers give customers, “They’re going to be overheating. They’re going to be losing battery life. They’re going to be dropping signals, the screen is going to be going out, it’s going to have so many issues.”

Kima added, “We used to get pressured to give you those certified like-new replacements, when we knew that you had the option to take it to the Apple store and get another replacement.”

Good to know!

Source: TikTok/@drcasanovabrown

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The more you know…

Especially when it comes to phones!