November 16, 2023 at 1:45 am

A Server Kept Working After Clocking Out And She Got Rewarded With A Generous Tip. – ‘You get rewarded when you’re a good person.’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@capfairywh0re

Ahhh… a heartwarming story that made me smile. I love these stories!

This waitress told her followers how she’d not made much in the way of tips that day and had clocked out.

But when a customer called her on her way out of the restaurant she stepped in to help and was rewarded for her kindness!

She said: “I tell y’all what just happened. I just got off work and it happened while I was there. Let me just talk okay… So, I’m off the clock.”

Source: TikTok/@capfairywh0re

She added how she “didn’t make much money. Don’t love that… Yeah, anyways, so I’m off the clock already, but I’m going to like make sure I didn’t leave anything on the table and double check for some cash or whatever, right?”

But then… the story changed…

She continued, “I’m going back there to this one section. There’s no other tables over there but one and a lady like calls me over she’s like, ‘Ma’am, ma’am.’ So, I rushed over there. I’m like ‘Yeah, babe, what’s up, what’s up?’…”

Source: TikTok/@capfairywh0re

She continued: “You could either return to the table or not. I’m off the clock. I don’t need to help this lady whatever. Right? So like the Good Samaritan and the good server I am… I believe in this so strong… even though they’re not your guests this time, they will or may be your guest next time, okay? They see you, they will recognize you. They know you even if you don’t remember them and they might remember you anyways, so me, Good Samaritan…”

Source: TikTok/@capfairywh0re

The waitress added: “Lord, did she need a lot okay. She wanted to go boxes… and then she wanted a cup and then cup refill and for a refill  drink to go. So I get everything… you know I’ve spent some little southern joke’s on them. They love that, they love the little southern twang that I have whenever I’m serving, like it just just comes out…”

To cut a long story short – the waitress finally gets to leave work – but just as she’s about to drive off the guy from the table comes up to her and drops some cash into her hand!

Source: TikTok/@capfairywh0re

She tells the guy: “‘Oh my God, thank you so much.’ She added: “I get into the car. $20 (she shouts). Just for me doing that little ****. You get rewarded when you’re a good person, believe it or not. Right!”

Watch the full inspiring clip below:


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Here’s what people thought of the server’s kindness being rewarded:

Folks love that a Good Samaritan got recognized!

Source: TikTok/@capfairywh0re

Maybe the server’s hair is her super power!

Source: TikTok/@capfairywh0re

Being nice can pay off!

Source: TikTok/@capfairywh0re

See! A little hard work can pay off!

Good job!