November 13, 2023 at 7:39 am

‘$3,850 a month for a one bedroom in Long Island, New York.’ Woman Said They Can’t Afford To Buy A House Even With Family’s $200k Dual Income

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@sarahjilllutz

People are really struggling right now and the housing market has turned into a total nightmare for folks trying to purchase a home.

A mom named Sarah posted a video on TikTok and talked about how difficult the house-hunting process has been for them in Long Island, New York.

Source: TikTok/@sarahjilllutz

Sarah said that she and her husband both have good jobs and are each paid over $100,000 per year but they can still barely afford the one-bedroom apartment where they live.

Sarah said, “I’m about to rant so, that’s your warning. Right now we are raising our baby girl in a one bedroom apartment in Long Island, New York. We are paying $3,850 a month, three thousand eight hundred fifty a month.”

Source: TikTok/@sarahjilllutz

She added, “I’m just frustrated because I want somewhere to keep all of her stuff. I want a nursery for her, I want a toy box, I just have her books in a bin on the floor, her toys on the floor. So, I’m a nurse and my husband’s an occupational therapist so I have my bachelor’s degree, he has his master’s degree.”

She also said that she and her husband have been looking for a house for while but everything is incredibly expensive.

Sarah added, “Regardless if we’re making good money as a nurse and an occupational therapist, we would just have to work, work, work to pay off our mortgage essentially and we want a better life than that.”

She also said that they’ve been looking at other states like Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

Source: TikTok/@sarahjilllutz

Sarah continued, “The housing market is so crazy let me tell you. Not only are houses going for like 50 to 100k over what it’s listed as, the new norm is that the sellers are going with offers with people who are waving inspections.”

She further explained, “Me and my husband will not wave an inspection, so you’re buying a house for $450k, you can’t have an inspection, so if the house just breaks down and tumbles to the floor when you move in, then that’s on you.”

Source: TikTok/@sarahjilllutz

Sarah then said, “And we don’t wanna take that risk but we also really want a house because we’re just blowing away our savings in this apartment. I think we all know that the housing market absolutely sucks and that people aren’t being paid enough according to where they live and I know some people are a little worse off than we are and I just don’t know how people are affording to live right now.”

She ended her video by saying, “So yeah the United States housing market and everything else kinda just stinks. But I want a nursery and I wanna play room for this girl so bad, so we’re gonna keep trying. Just stinks that we have to move away from family to afford something.”

Source: TikTok/@sarahjilllutz

Here’s what she had to say in her video.


Im grateful to be able to afford this rent for the time being but this cannot last forever and I shouldnt be depleting my savings 🥲 dont even get me started on the interest rates…#housingmarket #housingcrisis #firsttimemom

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And here’s how people reacted.

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Times are tough out there!

But you gotta keep your head up and keep moving forward!