November 11, 2023 at 11:26 am

Airline Tried To Charge Extra For A Small Weight Overage, So Travellers Decided To Eat Their Way Out Of The Problem

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pixabay

Those airport workers sure can be finicky about the weight of bags, huh?

That’s the truth!

And one traveler shared a story that definitely proved this theory…but they decided to take things into their own hands when the **** hit the fan!

They said they packed their bag with weight in mind.

50 grams over the weight limit at the airport? I guess I’ll eat them.

“For Americans: 50g=1.76oz 200g=7oz 23kg=50.7lb

So when I travel by plane (which happens about 2/3 times per year) I’m usually quite conscious about the weight of my luggage because of how much you have to pay if it exceeds the limit.

This time I put a bit more stuff in because of gifts but I thought I was fine. I pass the police and get to the check-in, where a woman in her late 30’s/ early 40’s that reminded me of my old history teacher indicated me to proceed.

But they had a surprise coming…

I give my passport, do the usual stuff, and I put my luggage on the scale which shows 23.05kg (the limit being 23). I was quite pleased with myself while looking at it, thinking I got it just right, but NO, the woman tells me I need to pay 50€ for excess baggage.

But this worker was not giving an inch.

I look at her confused, telling her it’s 50 grams, surely it doesn’t matter, she repeats herself and we start arguing until she says: “Either you pay 50€ or you somehow make the luggage 50g lighter”. (I didn’t have a carry on so I couldn’t take anything with me). At that moment I remember the 200g of chocolate that are sitting in the luggage and I start smiling.

So they decided to get down to business!

I open the luggage, take the chocolate out and start nibbling at it with a grin on my face while looking at the woman, who goes from pikachu face to annoyed. She tells me to hurry up (even though I was the only one in line) so I offered her some and she just stared at me.

You gotta love it!

I ended up eating exactly a quarter of the 200g and lo and behlod the scale showed 23kg. The woman gives me my ticket while glaring at me, and I tell her to have a good day.”

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