November 13, 2023 at 12:38 pm

An Aggressive Customer Had Some Of His Food Taken Away After He Demanded That His Order Be Weighed

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

You know when you get a big smile on your face when a person THINKS they have all the answers and then they’re proven wrong?

It’s a great feeling!

And I can only imagine that the person who wrote this story on Reddit’s “Malicious Compliance” felt absolutely wonderful after they proved someone wrong.

Check out the story to see what happened.

You say that you order is less than a kilo? Let’s weigh it!

“I own and operate a bbq and grill restaurant. We run a special promotion for the Euro. We have a promotion for 1kg of skewers (pork or chicken) for 6,50€.

And then a fella named Dick entered the story.

This happened on Saturday night. A group came to watch the match between Belgium and Portugal. One of them is a guy known to almost of the restaurant owners in town. Let’s call him Dick. Dick has a tendency to complain about the food, in order to get freebies (either something extra or the whole order).

They place their orders and about 20 minutes later they’re served. A few minutes later my head server, Mary, comes inside (sit downs are only permitted on the patio due to the pandemic) furious.

Someone requested the scales…read on to see what that means, exactly…

Mary: Give me the scales!

Me, slightly confused (I was sweating over the grill, since we had a lot of orders): What for?

Mary: Just give me the scales!

I give her the electronic scales, she grabs an empty plate and heads outside. I follow her, because I know that something is up. She goes to the group that includes Dick, puts the scales on the table and proclaims “Let’s weigh them!”.

Dick was being a belligerent customer.

You see, Dick had ordered the promotion and then said that his order was missing almost half of it and demanded four more skewers “to make it correct” (his words). Now, in almost any other place he would be probably right.

Most of them buy their skewers already made and they weigh between 100 to 120 grams, which means that a kilo is usually 10 skewers. But we prepare our skewers in house and are much bigger, between 180 to 220 grams (which is written on the menu), so our kilo is usually six of them. So, basically Dick was demanding almost another kilo of meat for free.

Dick, smugly: Yeah, let’s weigh them and then you can bring what you still owe me!

But it was Mary who had the last laugh!

Mary grabs the skewers and a fork and starts removing pieces of meat and placing them on the scales. Initially, Dick has a very smug smile. But he starts to frown when 3 skewers are emptied and the scales shows more than half a kilo of meat. Finally, with the second piece from the fifth skewer, the scales shows just above a kilo.

You love to see it!

Mary, holding the remains skewers and smiling smugly: It seems you were right about the order not being correct. We put more. I’ll take those (waving the skewers in her hand) back to the kitchen. Enjoy your food!

Mary returned smiling to the kitchen and put the skewers aside, while Dick ate his kilo of meat sullenly and the rest of his group smirking.”

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Sometimes, it’s best to not say anything at all.

Let this be a lesson to you!