November 16, 2023 at 5:33 am

An Unprepared Co-Worker Wanted The Busy Section of The Restaurant, So This Waitress Gave Them Exactly What They Asked For

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/ninjason

I personally don’t think I could ever hack being a waiter in a busy restaurant.

It all just seems so chaotic and stressful!

That’s why you gotta tip your hat to the guys and gals who really hold it down!

And the woman who wrote this story on Reddit had to teach a co-worker a big lesson at work one day at the restaurant they worked at.

Want my section because I make more money? Go ahead I will still make more than you.

“This all happened about 18 years ago. I was a waitress for a Village Inn. I worked the morning shift because it had the most business.

Now this is back when smoking was still allowed in restaurants and we had a smoking section and a non smoking section. Our seating chart was designed for this in mind and never changed even after the restaurant went full non smoking.

Now on Sunday we had your wonderful church rush that would pack the entire place for hours. So Sunday was totally non smoking until 3pm.

On the weekends we would have about 8 servers. This meant that smoking side had 2 while the other side had 6. So if you worked the smoking side you had 10 tables to take care of while the other servers had 4.

She had it all on lockdown and knew what to do.

Management knew I was good at what I did and would always put me in the biggest section on Sunday and I could take care of all 10 of the tables no problem. Now servers always talk about their tips and without fail I always made more than anyone else. This caused anger from some of the newer servers and they said it was because I always got the better section.

But some other servers wanted more tables thinking they’d make more money…

Management came to me and told me what was going on that’s when we decided on malicious compliance. Ok you can have my section next Sunday I will take this small section.

But since I am on the other side of the restaurant I will not be able to help you much. I then got to enjoy a less stressful Sunday did my job like normal turned my tables and made a ton of money.

The other waitress was having a rough go of it.

The other server was running around like crazy and not getting much done. At the end of the shift they learned that they made less than the week before because of how bad they were taking care of their tables and the church crowd are horrible if you aren’t taking care of them right.

And I think it’s safe to say that she learned a valuable lesson!

It was always great to hear the server say you can have your section back I don’t want it ever again. Now this was not a one-time thing this happened many times over the 5 years I worked there.

Every time it happened I still made more money. Every time we would get a new server complain I just smiled and said go ahead take my section I could use a break.”

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Co-workers like that are just the worst.

I bet she learned her lesson!