November 11, 2023 at 4:27 am

Bullied Kid Finds A Way To Stop Classmate From Getting An Award For Being A Positive Role Model

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA

Bullies are as old as dirt, and once you’re through the worst of childhood, you realize how small and insignificant they were the whole time.

While you’re in the thick of it, though, the hate some throw around in high school can seem like the end of the world.

OP was in an accident that left him scarred. His classmates are predictably terrible about it, because in high school, different – or ugly – is about the worst thing you can be.

He is looking forward to college and trying not to let it get him down.

I am 17, suffered a major accident while cycling when I was 13. I have 2 really deep,long facial scars. I have been bullied really bad because of it. I am tall, ugly and intimidating as per most girls.

People make fun of other people by saying things like “Why don’t you just hook up with u/throwawayfor2k19.” I am honestly used to it. Those people didn’t matter to me anyway.

Then, a girl he really liked seemed to be warming up to him, and willing to look beyond his scars. He wanted to ask her on a date so he went out of his way to prepare, and she said yes.

But there is this girl I had known since middle school. Let’s call her Back I guess? Sorry, I honestly don’t know how this works. I had a really, really big crush on her till a few days ago. I thought she was genuinely sweet and amazing.

My family is incredibly supportive so they urged me to ask her out. I can play a guitar so I made this whole song for her. I went to the neighbouring city to get her favorite chocolate and stuff like that.

This was the first time I felt like really going and asking someone out in my life, and I felt that regardless of what I do, she shall see me for who I am and at least accept me as a friend.

I was over the moon when she ended up accepting.

They had a great date and a great time at school the following week, where OP was feeling more happy and accepted.

We went to a fancy restaurant,had a fun time together and walked for 30 minutes. She was really sweet to me. The next week or so was honestly heaven. People started noticing me, even her friends seemed friendly with me.

I honestly cried everyday because I felt so fortunate to get so much love.

Then one of her friends sent him screenshots of her posting about how she was doing a kind deed by basically not ridiculing him, and that she was pretending to like him to make his day.

It all broke down when a friend of hers, who was on Instagram and followed Beck, sent screenshots to me. I honestly felt betrayed and disgusted.

She had posts saying ‘Fulfilled his lifelong wish by being his Valentine’s”, ‘Making his day by finally helping him interact with my friends’,’he is ugly but beautiful people accept ugly people’ ‘#uglypeoplematter’ etc.

He found out she was trying to portray this image on social media to win an award for being a positive role model, hoping this would boost her college application.

Beck’s friend then explained me that she apparently wanted a good social media image and had thus asked all her friends to be kind to me and tolerate me till the first week of March, and then distance themselves from me.

She apparently wanted to win some stupid ‘positive role model’ award for her college application because she was lagging behind in community service.

And thought playing with my feelings for a few days wouldn’t hurt, and apparently since I was ugly she was the kind one to give me attention anyway.

So, he sent all of his information to the committee in charge of the award and they disqualified her.

I was in tears and honestly felt disgusted. My blood was boiling. I researched about this award, found a Facebook page about it online.I went to the authorities to confirm if her name was on the nominations list, and then had my friend’s at work and family as alibi.

She is apparently crying a lot because she received a message from the committee saying her nomination was withdrawn.

I am now even more ostracised in school, but honestly I have no remorse whatsoever and feel far more satisfied.

Almost everyone at school thinks he’s done something awful, not her, so he’s coming to Reddit for some clarity.

The top comment is nothing but supportive of OP.

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They say the best is yet to come.

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This commenter says to keep looking forward to college.

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People really can’t believe this shallowness exists.

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I want to be surprised and shocked by this but I’m just not.

At least it’s also true that things do get better.