November 1, 2023 at 2:38 am

‘Everybody is suffering hugely.’ Woman Shows That Inflation Is So Bad In Canada That She Drives To The U.S. For Her Grocery Shopping

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@Kade1613

Times are tough right now and it looks like our neighbors to the north are really going through it, as well.

A woman named Brandi posted a viral video on TikTok and she said that she drives from her home in Roosville, British Columbia, Canada across the border into Montana to go grocery shopping because it saves her about $300 a month.

The text overlay on her video reads, “Canadian grocery [prices] are crazy! So I shop in the US.”

Brandi said the nearest Canadian grocery store to her house is 45 minutes away so she chooses to drive only 15 minutes across the border into Montana to get the goods…and it’s cheaper.

Brandi compared the prices of different items and talked about how “insanely cheap” meat is in the United States.

Source: TikTok/@Kade1613

Brandi broke down her purchases and said that the $84 she spent on groceries in the U.S. would have come out to roughly $117 in Canadian dollars os she might as well just drive across the border to shop.

Source: TikTok/@Kade1613

She said, “I know they say support local, but right now everybody is suffering hugely, we’re all trying to make it and it’s so much cheaper for me to go next door than it is to shop in my own country.”

Source: TikTok/@Kade1613

Take a look at her video.


Grocery prices in Canada have become crazy, so I go to the states to shop. Here’s everything I got! #justinflation #trudeauneedstogo #inflation #savecanada #pierrepolievreforprimeminister

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Here’s how people reacted.

One viewer was pretty blown away by this.

Source: TikTok/@Kade1613

Another individual said she needs to stock up on medicine for kids.

Source: TikTok/@Kade1613

And this TikTok user said things are looking pretty bleak in Australia.

Source: TikTok/@Kade1613

Imagine having to leave the country to go shopping…

Now, that is CRAZY!