November 17, 2023 at 6:40 pm

‘He told me to shush.’ Cop Wouldn’t Stop Interrogating A Woman, So She Decided To Tell Him Every Detail About Her Day Out

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/jl_photos

I’m not a cop-basher by any stretch of the imagination.

In fact, I think the majority of them are just doing their jobs and want to help people out.

But there are some who are just rotten folks who are on power trips…and it sounds like the woman who wrote this story on Reddit had to deal with one.

It started when got pulled over leaving a park.

Cop keeps interrogating me on where I’m coming from? My pleasure.

“I am a woman and when I was younger, I would visit natural parks.

One time as I was driving home, a police officer pulled me over for alcohol testing.

I politely compiled yet the officer must have thought I was peddling drugs or something because he asked for a further drug test and started interrogating me.

This cop couldn’t take a hint.

I told him that I came from the natural park, yet he was asking me the same question on repeat.

So she decided to maliciously comply…

Finally, I kept a cordial demeanor, imagining myself as if I were talking to a coworker and with the appropriate delivery, I went on a long monologue on how I enjoyed visiting natural parks, which road I took there, where I stopped for petrol, how much I paid for petrol, where I parked, which track I walked on, when did I decide to turn back on the track, which birds I saw on the track, the weather at the park, and so on.

And then he got the hint.

Finally, after a minute, he told me to shush and then let me go after the drug test came clear.

I think some cops would have gotten more angry by this behaviour but what worked for me was my genuine delivery.”

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Maybe that cop will think twice next time before they ask any questions…

You never know!