November 2, 2023 at 12:39 am

‘I’m still shaking because I’m furious.’ A Woman Said Someone Tracked Her Using AirPods While She Was Shopping

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@danisodope

It’s pretty scary to think about how easily people can be tracked by different devices these days, and here’s another story that might give you some anxiety.

A TikTokker named Dani posted a video and said that she believes someone has been using AirPods to essentially stalk her.

She said she hasn’t been able to find the AirPods even after she found an unknown Apple AirTag on her car that she was able to get rid of.

Dani said she was shopping and she received two notifications on her phone over the course of four hours that someone was using AirPods to ping her location to watch her movements.

Source: TikTok/@danisodope

Dani seemed nervous and said, “This is my third time trying to record this video because I am still shaking a little bit, and I am nervous and I don’t understand what’s going on right now. But I’m still shaking because I’m furious and I feel like I’m going to have to defend myself in a really ugly situation.”

She showed viewers that a notification on her phone read that the “current location can be seen by the owner of this item” and that item was a pair of AirPods.

Dani said, “Now as you can see it says clear as day, right here, first seen at 6:22 pm. Pop up on my phone until 10:03. And after getting a notification, I was able to zoom in and look at the map of where I was being tracked and I literally was tracked all the way from my sister’s house to the store and back. Literally every store we stopped at I was able to zoom in on that map and see that I was tracked to that location and back to my sister’s house.”

Source: TikTok/@danisodope

Dani said she thinks someone was using AirPods with Apple’s “Find My” feature to stalk her and that she has been followed like this before.

She said, “But again the notification did not pop up until 10:03 to be exact. This is the second time this year of 2023 that I’ve been tracked. The very first time it happened I was out with one of my girlfriends going to brunch and when we came back from brunch, I noticed that I got a notification on my phone letting me know the same thing—that I was being tracked by an AirTag. Instead of it being AirPods, I was tracked by an AirTag.”

Dani said she found an AirTag on the back of her license plate and she added, “Ladies y’all gotta be careful out here, like it’s getting ugly. We already know there’s a whole femicide going on right now, don’t get caught lacking.”

Source: TikTok/@danisodope

Dani told women they should be aware of their surroundings and they should carry a weapon if they think it’s necessary.

She said she still can’t find the AirPods and she explained, “I have strip searched my car, dumped out my purse, even checked in my hoodie ’cause maybe the person walked past me and, you know, dropped it in my hoodie. I can’t find it. So, this means that I possibly may be tracked all the way back home, although I have turned my location off since all of this, but, still, I don’t—at this point, I don’t know… Ladies, be careful. Be aware of your surroundings, and for the love of everything sacred, don’t be afraid to claim someone’s life. OK? If it means you versus them? Choose you.”

Source: TikTok/@danisodope

Let’s take a look at her video.


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Here’s what folks had to say.

This person thinks she should get in touch with the cops.

Source: TikTok/@danisodope

Another individual said this kind of stuff needs to be addressed and changed.

Source: TikTok/@danisodope

And this TikTok user said she needs to look EVERYWHERE just to be sure.

Source: TikTok/@danisodope

Keep your eyes open out there!

You never know who might be out there trying to get into your personal business.