November 13, 2023 at 3:47 am

‘Then the hospital charges you thousands.’ A Man Shows The Red Cross Sells Donated Blood To Hospitals And Hospitals Mark It Up

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@theconsciouslee

Well, this is something I’ve definitely never heard before…

A guy posted a video and told viewers that he learned something that he found quite surprising.

In the video’s caption, he asked viewers, “Did yall know this??”

He said, “Today I learned the Red Cross sells your donated blood to hospitals for $150 and then the hospital charges you thousands for a blood transfusion. I **** it here.”

Source: TikTok/@theconsciouslee

He said he did his own research and came across and article titled, “Blood Donors Aren’t Getting Paid, But Their Blood Is Being Sold”

He said the article blew his mind.

Source: TikTok/@theconsciouslee

He said that a Slate article from 2006 said that the Red Cross had to pay a $4.2 million penalty using money the organization earned from blood product sales.

The man ended the video by saying, “Does the Red Cross really sell our blood? Hell yeah, they do.”

Source: TikTok/@theconsciouslee

Check out what he had to say.


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Here’s what people had to say on TikTok.

This person doesn’t donate blood anymore.

Source: TikTok/@theconsciouslee

Another individual talked about what happened to their mom.

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And this TikTokker thinks they know why the Red Cross actually has to sell blood…

Source: TikTok/@theconsciouslee

Hmmm…that’s a new one…

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