November 29, 2023 at 12:30 pm

Walmart Shopper Says He Steals At Every Self-Checkout. – ‘Most people won’t call you on it.’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@hrkcomedy

Who knows if this guy is serious or not, but hey, he’s claiming he steals every time he uses self-checkout at Walmart.

And I mean, he ain’t bothered about getting caught by security or by the cops, apparently, or else he wouldn’t put it on TikTok.

But hey, who knows. This is @hrkcomedy aka Ryan Kimble’s tale of how he flouts the law brazenly, shoplifting in the grocery giant.

Source: TikTok/@hrkcomedy

Even weirder than this, Kimble’s getting a whole lotta attention from women online – with one comparing him to Vince Vaughn. Okaaay now.

Here we go. Brace ya self. Kimble told his followers: “I steal something every time I go to Walmart. Every time I go there, I steal something because I work there now and I don’t get paid.” Kimble’s referring to feeling like he works at the store because he’s using self-checkout…

Source: TikTok/@hrkcomedy

Anyhooo. He added: “So, I steal something today. I needed two pairs of pants. And so, I went there for some pants. No one helped me. It took me 45 minutes to find two pairs that fit and then I had to check myself out.” Boo hoo Kimble, boo hoo!

He continued: “So, like I said, I’m an employee, so I steal something. So, I bought this hat and two pairs of pants. I only scan this hat and one pair of pants. And then I put my shirt on my arm and I walked out. Every time, nobody ever f***s with me. I just walked out with confidence.”

Okay now. Aren’t ya great Kimble. I mean. An all round American hero!

Source: TikTok/@hrkcomedy

He’s not done boasting about stealing though. No. He added: “I almost approached the lady checking receipts just to tell her have a nice day.”

But on this occasion, this woman looked like she was gonna check Kimble. And really. It was about time, by the sounds of it….

He continued: “I could tell this lady was gonna get me like, I could just tell, this is my day. And she said ‘Can I see your receipt?”. And I said ‘I didn’t get one.’ And she said, ‘Okay, well I need to see one.'”

Source: TikTok/@hrkcomedy

Drama, for sure…

He added: “So, I went back to the till. And my receipt was sitting in there. I thought I was gonna maybe go out the other door, but she was like hawking me. So… I get the receipt. The receipt says hat, one pair of pants. I didn’t even use a bag…

He added: “So, confidently, I get my receipt. I walk right up to this lady. And I say ‘Here it is.’ And she looks at it and she goes ‘Hat and jeans. You’re all set.’

Source: TikTok/@hrkcomedy

The guy says he had TWO pairs of jeans, not one as the receipt read and they were both on his arm and of different colors!

He said: “I guess the point is, if you’re gonna be a ******* fraud, just be confident and most people won’t call you on it. That’s today’s lesson.”

Or you could just PAY for your stuff… oh well.

Here’s the full BRAZEN clip:


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Here’s the internet view BUT why are some women flirting with this guy, who admits he steals from Walmart?!

What? I’m not sure Vince Vaughn would be so flattered…

Source: TikTok/@hrkcomedy

Well… he really doesn’t seem too bothered!

Source: TikTok/@hrkcomedy

Well, this has become some kinda weird thief off…

Stealcom3 copy Walmart Shopper Says He Steals At Every Self Checkout.   Most people wont call you on it.

I don’t relate to any of these people, but to each their own.