December 13, 2023 at 11:42 am

Chipotle Employee Reveals How The Company Cheats People Out Of Food. – ‘The goal is to make the most profit.’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@jennyg6612

If you thought those portions were looking a little on the small side these days at Chipotle, apparently that’s just a thing.

And if you’re a staff member, according to this TikToker, you know it and customers ought to too.

Source: TikTok/@jennyg6612

@jennyg6612 said: “If you feel like they’re skimping you, it’s because they are and they’re doing it on purpose. I used to work there for two years. And the managers they literally tell you to scam people and to give them as little as possible.”

Source: TikTok/@jennyg6612

The TikToker continued: “And like they will even start off with a small amount of stuff, just to see if you say anything, just to see if you want more because the goal is to make the most profit and have the least amount of loss.”

Source: TikTok/@jennyg6612

But according to this TikToker, that’s not good news for the staff who want to be a little more generous, either!

She claimed: “If they noticed that you are spending more money on your shifts, then you will get reprimanded for it. So, I say try the portion cups but they’re gonna still try and get away with that, especially on those to go orders where you’re not watching them.”

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Some folk are voting with their feet.

Source: TikTok/@jennyg6612

Ouch. Some folk just ain’t going for it anymore.

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Ooooh, lemme check out the menu, y’all!

Source: TikTok/@jennyg6612

It seems like shrinkflation is all around us these days.

Will it ever stop?

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