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Daycare Provider Ends Up With Too Many Kids And Not Enough Hands Because Of Her Backwards Views

by Trisha Leigh

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Even in the most accepting and liberal places in the world, you’ll still find people who would rather be hateful than kind.

OP lives in a country where they are required to spend time shadowing jobs in order to get a better idea of what they might like to do after graduation.

Because he was sick, he got stuck with nursery duty at a place where he once attended.

In my country when you start 9th (I think) grade, you have to do 3 days of work for free, for the experience and to explore more about what different jobs require you to do for your future work life. This happened when I was 15.

I had found out about the official date pretty late cause I had been away from school for a while due to being in hospital, so by the time I found out, most jobs were taken, and I was left with going the desperat path, which was working at a nursery.

I called the nursery I was in as younger, and lucky me I was allowed to work there even with such short notice (It was 5 days after I had called in).

He figured it wouldn’t be too bad, but that was before he was assigned to help/shadow a woman who had a problem with him being of a different orientation.

Now, something I have to mention is, I am a bi trans man.

Most people in my country are really accepting, even a lot of the elders, but it’s of course not all perfect, and there is still much discrimination, which I also have experienced first hand.

One of the women who works at the nursery is really prejudiced, and I was placed in the same group as her with the kids aged 4-5.

And no, i wasn’t actively telling the staff about my gender identity and orientation, I had a trans and bi pin on my pants which i had forgot to remove before I came in, and before i get asked, I wore the same pants the day before at school cause I was too lazy to change before i left, and I was also running late.

The 1st day, “Dina” (prejudiced worker) made it clear she did not like the fact I wasn’t cishet.

After a day or so of rude comments and “accidents,” she shouldered him aside and told him not to corrupt the kids by touching them.

She would deathglare me when a child asked what was on my pants, and when I replied that it was a pin telling people I was a boy, just so people don’t forget, she would comment on my stutter while I was reading to the kids (I struggle reading, and sometimes I will start saying a word before my brain had properly made the whole thing out), she almost tripped me twice when i was playing tag with some kids outside, and “accidentally” walked into my water bottle that I hadnt closed cause a kid needed help trying her shoe, and all this on day one.

by the end of the day, I was fed up, so I decided to take it up with the manager, who told me to come back if anything else happened.

The next day, a kid asked me if I could help him with his sweater. When I was about to help him get it off, Dina pushed me away, and started helping him instead.

After the kid left I asked what her issue was, and why she pushed me, which she replied with “I don’t want the kids to end up sinners and having to go to hell because you’re teaching them being *insert prejudiced slur* is ok” that got me really off guard.

So, he did what she asked and let her do all of the heavy lifting.

So right thab, my dyslexic brain decided to do exactly what she wanted.

Last day comes, and I come in and I do everything I would, except help out the kids, and I had to tell them they had to ask Dina, cause I was busy with helping someone else with art (which wasn’t a lie btw).

More, and more kids started coming asking for help with stuff that meant I had to touch them, and I declined every time, and told them I was busy, and they would have to ask Dina.

By the end of the day, Dina was mad I had told all the kids to ask for her to do everything. I just told her I did as she said, and I hadn’t touched the kids.

She didn’t like it, and when he came back a while later on other business, learned her hatefulness had gotten her fired.

A week ago I returned to the nursery cause I was picking up my cousin that had recently moved here and started going to that nursery, and I talked to a woman that also was in the room, but had other tasks that required her to be occupied most the time and wasn’t able to help, but she had been watching everything while I was there.

Apparently, Dina had been fired. i wasn’t the only person she was prejudiced towards. She had been telling a girl her mommies wouldn’t go to heaven cause they were 2 married women.

It had been going on for a while, and after I left, the moms had found out and reported it, and at the same time the other woman decided to tell about what Dina said and did to me, which when you added the other write-up Dina had, gave the manager permission to fire her.

I WISH I could’ve seen everything go down.

Reddit’s gotta love the sweet justice in that!

They say it’s great when karma does what needs to be done.

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Isn’t it nice when the world works the way it should?

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This is definitely not a woman who should be working in childcare.

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They are very impressed with his handling of things.

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There’s not a single thing wrong with this story.

Except for that poor excuse for a human being existing in the first place.