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Former Cat Burglar Reveals Tips To Make Your Home Less Attractive To Thieves. – ‘The nastier it was, the better off I was.’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@jenjen.gomez

Sometimes people do bad things, but if they can share their wisdom with the world… maybe they can turn their story into one of redemption.

@jenjen.gomez really doesn’t look like what you’d expect a burglar to look like and although she doesn’t say this, that in itself could be the biggest top tip for folks – don’t expect the neighborhood burglar to be a guy wearing a balaclava and black overalls!

Source: TikTok/@jenjen.gomez

She told her followers on TikTok how she’d spent TEN years in prison and I’m here trying to figure out how she looks so young – but anyhow, here’s some of her knowledge. It might just help you protect your home this Christmas!

She said: “Okay, so I started to kind of have a little mental checklist. There was things that I had on me and things that I would look for in the home that I was going to burglarize… So, the first thing I would do is check the weather… I would check the weather for a couple of days ahead of time to really get a day that I knew was going to be a good day.”

Well, it was pretty professional to check the weather, I gotta admit. I’m kinda glued now….

She added: “Okay, so if it’s bright, beautiful, sunny, I really try to find places that are more isolated, more desolate, where the houses are further apart. Because people are outside their gardening walking their dogs are pushing their babies and strollers are exercising, working on the house. They’re retired, you know, whatever, like they’re looking at windows, and they’re just paying attention a lot more.”

Source: TikTok/@jenjen.gomez

She added: “But if it’s raining, drizzling, just sprinkling even a little bit. If it’s foggy, if it’s wet, if it’s nasty, that’s it. That’s the best of the best. You know why? Because in that type of weather condition, people are not only not outside, but they also aren’t going to chase you they’re not going to come outside just to be nosy because they think something looks weird and get all wet…”

Source: TikTok/@jenjen.gomez

“And the nastier it was, the better off I was and also I knew that law enforcement doesn’t chase you in weather, you know, conditions that are really bad because it’s dangerous. So I’m out of there, baby, it’s raining and I’m all in.”

She continued: “The second thing was the time of day. The reason I was waking up at 5-5.30 to start getting things in order, is because most people go to work between 7 and 4. Kids usually start getting out of school around 3. People come home, you know for lunch, sometimes around 12. But what I know is that the majority of people, unless you’re a stay at home mom, they will be gone out of the house by 8 o’clock.”

Source: TikTok/@jenjen.gomez

She continued: “They may come back by 11.30 so between eight and 11 primetime, take a little break from about 11.30, maybe even 12 to about 1.30… Those times right there. Pretty, pretty accurate. Pretty sure no one’s going to be around. And those were the times that I would target one of the things that would require is that the home has a security system, some kind of alarm system, there could be a little stick out front that said ADT, I needed there to be a home security system because I felt like people that have alarms will likely have something that they want to protect.”

The former burglar does give a disclaimer during her clip saying she regrets her actions at the time and hopes she will help someone with the information.

Watch the full clip for all the tips here:


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Here’s what people thought of the honest former burglar:

Ha. Not literally a CAT burglar…

Source: TikTok/@jenjen.gomez

Scary stuff!

Source: TikTok/@jenjen.gomez

I’m not messing with a Cane Corso…

Source: TikTok/@jenjen.gomez

I definitely learned something today!