December 7, 2023 at 3:47 pm

‘If we’re losing our PTO, we’re using our PTO.’ – Coworkers Join Together To Teach Manager Why She Should Let Them Work From Home

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA

Since the pandemic, a lot of people are asking why they have to go into an office if so many jobs can be effectively done from home.

OP works for a company that allows them to work from home three days a week and go into the office two days a week. They don’t get to choose which days are which, unfortunately, because the days that are a heavier workload would be the ones they would choose.

We have a hybrid policy, 2 day on site, 3 days WFH. We can’t pick the day we work from office (this changes every month).

Most of us are on salary so work can go on till late night or end after an hr. On days that I have a heavy workload I prefer to wfh and go to office on another day

One day, OP and his team decided to work from home because they knew they would likely have to work past business hours to finish up.

One day all members from my team(3 of us) decided to work from home(Heavy workload).

Only time this has happened since the office open a year ago.

Their manager didn’t like that, and decreed they would all have to take the day in paid time off. When her manager backed up her decision, the team decided collectively to not do any work that day.

Manager got mad. She sent a patronizing email. In her mail to us she said that she would count this as us not working that day. Decided to ignore her until we got a mail from upper management parroting my manager’s words

Turns out most people have a heavy workload and whole teams with their managers are working from home. My manager wouldn’t know since she delegates her work.

Anyways she escalated the matter and upper management decided to agree with her.

My team had a meeting and decided if we’re loosing our PTO, we’re using our PTO.

Their manager had to do all of the work herself, and she wasn’t happy about it.

We sent a mail to our manager stating the same, including a list of things she needs to do since we’re off. We spoke to other teams who did the same with the upper management.

We logged off and switched off our work phone. Manager had to do the work herself

The company has since changed their policy.

Work policy: The WFH =PTO policy was removed. Unfortunately we still have to go to office twice a week but we can select the days.

There is no official punishment for not going.

But their manager has not changed her tune.

Manager: She had to do the work herself and work through the night to do so. She still thinks she did nothing wrong. She’s been trying to “punish” us by giving completely unreasonable deadlines in the name of accommodating the client.

It’s like she’s on a mission to get people to hate her. Other team managers already avoid her (mostly cause we made sure to let them know who caused this mess)

Typical, right?

This commenter thinks so, and wishes more managers would get out of people’s way.

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People who have them are really happy for their good bosses.

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All 8 hours don’t have to be productive for the goals to be accomplished.

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Do the bad managers know they’re bad?

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Some companies just can’t get on board with work-from-home.

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It’s time for a massive shift to happen.

And happen across the board.