December 4, 2023 at 1:21 am

‘My texts are radioactive still.’ Her Stepfamily Gave Her A Hard Time For Not Being Married, So She Airs All Their Dirty Laundry.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@throw_93758

Why on Earth do some folks give people a hard time for not being married or not having kids?

It’s ridiculous!

But you hear stories like that all the time…

And this Reddit story comes to us from a woman who decided she’d had enough of what her stepfamily was saying at Thanksgiving.

AITA for calling out stepfamily’s dirty laundry at Thanksgiving after they criticized me for being unmarried?

“I’m 29F, the players are my mom, step-dad, and four step-siblings (35M, 37M, 40F, 42M) and their families.

She’s all about being on her own.

I’m the black sheep in that I’m the only one not married with kids, but that’s by my preference. I love living alone, I don’t want kids, and having a partner just isn’t that important to me. My family has been asking me when I’m going to get a boyfriend and settle down since I was 19 and the answer has always been “ew, never”.

I was going to skip Thanksgiving, but my mom insisted that she wanted everyone home this year if possible so I went. It was the usual drill, but youngest step-brother and his wife are having another kid so that was the big announcement.

She was questioned at the dinner table.

This was fine until around the end of dinner one of the SSILs asks if I’m not anxious to have kids since I’m almost 30 and time is running out. I laughed and said “Nah, I’m good.” That led to one of the step-brothers saying that every family needs an old maiden aunt and some other comments I didn’t appreciate. I said let’s move on, but my mom said “We’re just worried about you.”

She had enough and decided to let loose.

This is where I’m possibly the *******. I know all the family dirt so I said, “Well, I’m the only person at this table that’s not an alcoholic, a cheater, or constantly broke af because I have more kids than I can afford so I’m not the one to worry about.”

And it didn’t go over well!

And that’s how I brought Thanksgiving to a halt and no one said a thing for the rest of dinner, but my texts are radioactive still.

I feel like it was probably riding the line and my mom says this has caused a lot of problems among the siblings, but also they kinda started it.”

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Some people need to learn to keep their mouths shut.

And these folks definitely fall into that category!