December 6, 2023 at 3:23 pm

SAT Company Forces Student To Do Research Test Questions For Free, So They Gets Revenge By Completing Blowing The Exam

by Trisha Leigh

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Standardized college tests were never the best way to analyze a person’s intelligence or their readiness for college, but for a long time, it was what we had.

This student, at least, was not going out of his way to make things easier on the testing company, though.

The test consisted of two parts, English and Math. There was a third section of potential future test questions, and when OP asked if he had to complete it, he was told if he didn’t the whole test would be thrown out.

The SAT back then (and maybe now) had two parts, English and Math. When we finished they told us that we had to stay and take a third part which were questions that they were considering for future tests.

The proctor said that we would see our score but it wouldn’t be sent to colleges.

No. I paid to take your dumb test and I am not about to do your work for you for free.

I asked what would happen if we left it blank. I was told that our entire test would be invalidated (they may have been bsing me but I was not taking that chance).

So, he guessed on that part and slept for the rest of exam time.

OK, fine, I’ll take it.

I spent about half a minute filling in random bubbles and then put my head down and took a nap on the desk.

He scored well on the English and Math but tanked the last part. Shocker!

When my scores came back it was like 85th percentile in English, 96th percentile in Math and something like 21st percentile in that stupid extra test.

How did 20% of the population do worse than I did?

I wonder if there are a lot of rule-followers on Reddit who don’t like this one…

At some point the college board got wise to this scam.

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Others said there was always a way to tell the difference.

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Some people like to go the extra mile.

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Others are just born rebels.

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We really are all just cogs in the machine.

That said, we don’t have to go quiet into that good night.