January 30, 2024 at 8:49 pm

‘For waiters and waitresses it’s $2.30 an hour.’ – Here’s Why This Guy Changed His Mind About Tipping Wait Staff

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@7am.thepoet

Sometimes, it takes people a while to come around about certain issues…

And I guess we can go ahead and add tipping to the list!

A TikTokker started his video with a stitch of a server who complained that they got a $5 tip on $212.78 bill.

The man explained that a friend of his changed his mind about tipping and told viewers,  “I had a good friend of mine that used to be a waiter at Applebee’s and every time we went out to anytime restaurant as a big group, he will make sure that we tipped on top of the tip you know the gratuity that’s added. So one day I asked him like yo Cal man what’s up with the tipping thing bro, we ain’t ballin’.”

Source: TikTok/@7am.thepoet

He continued, “His perspective changed my entire attitude toward tipping. His perspective was they gave him a $140 check. I’m like dude minimum wage is ten bucks what’re you talking about they gave you a $140 check?”

Source: TikTok/@7am.thepoet

He added, “He said no for waiters and waitresses it’s $2.30 an hour. Imagine you working for two weeks and they handed you a $140 check. With the taxes took out. And I’m pretty sure somebody going come in the comments what about the waiters and waitresses with bad attitudes they shouldn’t get a tip.”

The man then said, “You also have customers with bad attitudes that give waiters and waitresses bad attitudes. Trust me they know exactly when you come in the door…”

Source: TikTok/@7am.thepoet

Here’s the video.


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Check out how folks reacted on TikTok.

This person shared the rule they live by.

Source: TikTok/@7am.thepoet

Another TikTokker shared their thoughts on this matter…

Source: TikTok/@7am.thepoet

And one viewer said servers need to be taken care of.

Source: TikTok/@7am.thepoet

Better late than never, right?

Good to hear!

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