January 30, 2024 at 5:33 pm

Her Husband Has A Shady Job, So She Wants Him to Quit And Rely On Her Salary. He Says It’ll Emasculate Him.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@husbandjobquit

Of course, not everyone out there loves their jobs, but I think it’s a totally different story when someone you care about has a job that’s shady or even dangerous.

So is this woman wrong for what she said to her husband about his career?

Check out the story below and see what you think.

AITA for asking my husband to quit his job and depend on me.

“I (30F) am a software engineer with a computer science degree and my husband (30M) has a mechanical engineering diploma.

My husband has found it difficult to get a good job in his field ever since he finished school while I have a good one and earn a lot more than him, a very good salary especially with the cost of living in India and I have almost finished paying of our flat.

She’s tried to reason with him.

I have suggested to him numerous times to go get a degree instead of a diploma from a good school but he says he doesn’t want to as it is too hard. My degree is from a well known University and I have not had much trouble and this is my 3rd job and I work for a well known American company.

He had been unemployed for a while but finally accepted a job at a “call center” 3 months ago. In reality his work has nothing to do with support calls and he is given many phones and computers and social media and reddit account passwords and told to make posts online.

This doesn’t sound good…

This usually involves posts that are designed to share articles and fake stories to provoke responses against immigration including against Indians. This is mostly for Canada but sometimes when someone is off and he fills in, they do UK and USA and Australia as well.

He also has to write things to support certain politicians. For USA though they ask him to focus more on South Americans.

She doesn’t agree with this line of work.

I told him he should quit his job and search again or just depend on me and he called me an ******* and says I don’t understand how he feels like a man earning less and not providing and this will make it worse.

I don’t understand this as I have never stopped him from using any funds and have told him what I earn is for the family. I have paid for vacations, new gaming PC, consoles etc for him without any hesitation.

At the same time, I hope to emigrate to either the US or Canada in the coming years if I can and I feel like his employment history for this ‘call center’ would jeopardise things if ever they get caught.”

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Sounds like they’re gonna have a tough time figuring this one out.

Good luck to them!

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