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His Family Planned A Vacation During The Holidays, But His Stepdaughter Wants Them To Miss Some Of It So She Can Attend A Party

by Matthew Gilligan

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You know things have to be pretty bad if you don’t take certain family members on vacation, right?

I sure think so!

But let’s get all the details before we jump to conclusions, okay?

Read on and see if you think this guy was out of line.

AITA for taking the family on vacation without my wife and stepdaughter?

“My stepdaughter is in HS and has a best friend she’s known since they were babies.

My wife and I have 2 children together.

There was a big trip planned.

My stepdaughter’s best friend has a birthday in December. We are well aware of her birthday because we attend it every year.

This year my side of the family planned to take a huge overseas Christmas vacation which required us to ask the friend’s mother for the party date.

We planned and bought our tickets to leave 2 days after the party so that my stepdaughter wouldn’t miss it.

There was a problem…actually, there were multiple problems.

Monday my stepdaughter came home and told us that the party date was moved to accommodate some of her friend’s family members who decided last minute to fly in for it. The problem is that the date was moved to one well after our departure date.

Here’s the problem.

1st, we’re not made of money so for us to change the flight and hotel for our family will more than double the cost.

2nd, it will be a 2 weeks overseas trip so I already had my vacation approved and can’t change it. If we fly out after the party, my vacation will be cut down to only a week.

3rd, I only get so see some of my siblings only at Christmas so if I don’t go this year, I won’t see them until next year.

4th, my entire side of the family planned our vacation around the party date months ago.

My original solution was to tell her friend’s parents to keep their original date since my family planned around their schedule. My wife immediately shot down that idea. My 2nd solution was for us to leave as planned but change only my stepdaughter’s ticket since she’s on break and is old enough to fly herself.

My wife shot that down too since she’s also friends with the other mother and wants to go to the party. My wife’s solution is for us to just fly out after the party.

I don’t like this idea at all because of the added cost and lessening time.

Things just got more and more complicated.

Our talked turned into arguments that’s lasted all week.

Last night my wife put her foot down said that we’re not missing the birthday party to which I replied that she’s not missing the birthday party.

I told her I’m flying out with our 2 kids as planned whether or not she’s on the flight.

That took our argument to the next level to the point my stepdaughter called me an ******* so I tried to ground her at which point my wife said I couldn’t because she was justified.

Everything is a mess now.”

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Sounds like it might have been a more pleasant vacation without them…


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