January 14, 2024 at 8:39 am

His Mother Berated Her Over Spending Habits, So She Left Her Alone In Their Loft

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA

If someone grows up poor or in a situation where money is tight, that can leave a mark on how the exist in the world going forward, even if they don’t always have money issues.

OP grew up in an upper class family but her boyfriend’s background was a single mother working hourly jobs.

I’m engaged to Matt. Matt was raised by a single mom Tina. It was the first time Tina came to stay with us over Thanksgiving.

I get that there is some class difference. Tina worked mainly in restaurant and retail jobs to make ends meet. My mom is an engineer and my dad is a lawyer.

Now, they both have good salaries and don’t have to worry much.

Tina stayed on our couch and immediately tried to make me into this thrifty housewife for her son although I’m currently making more than him as he’s finishing his post grad internship.

It became hostile about things like our hand soap in the bathroom. Kitchen towels and trash bags. We got into a major fight over them. I normally just use the trash bags that originally came with our trash can.

I never really paid attention to the price but after we got back from grocery shopping and I didn’t get stove top stuffing or mashed potatoes she was mad at me. She didn’t like the grocery store I chose to get our mini Thanksgiving dinner.

When his mother came to visit for the first time, though, she panicked at how little OP looked at price tags.

We went to our loft and she started yelling at me about how I didn’t need to shop the way I do and that I needed to wise up money wise and not waste her son’s money.

Again I make 6 figures while her son is wrapping up his internship but after that, he should match or exceed my pay in two years so the price of milk and trash bags is not something I think of.

She finally had enough and told her so.

I told her that. I don’t know what happened but she starts crying saying about how horrible I am.

I got angry at her and left her in the loft and texted Matt about her. I went to stay with my sister and her girlfriend who lives on the other side of the city overnight.

Her boyfriend canceled Thanksgiving and how her family thinks she should cancel him.

They were planning to come to our mini Thanksgiving (this is Wednesday night) Matt asked if we could now skip hosting because his mom is not in a good place and I upset her.

They ended up eating the turkey I was going to prepare and then made Matt rush to get stovetop stuffing and instant potatoes. He dropped overnight bag off at my sister’s.

Normally Matt and my sister have a good relationship but she yelled at him.

His mom left but Matt thinks we should discuss finances. My whole family heard about what happened over trash bags and Matt canceling Thanksgiving.

My family is angry at him and his mom. My mom thinks I should cancel the engagement but Matt and his mom think I’m awful for just leaving his mom crying in the apartment and I acted like a “snobby diva” to her.

Does Reddit agree? Let’s hear them out!

The top comment says OP needs to have a chat with her fiance, and soon.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Source: Reddit/AITA

Because he picked the wrong side in that argument already.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Point blank period.

Source: Reddit/AITA

It’s their house and their money – why should she care?

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Let people live their lives!

Source: Reddit/AITA

It seems like this mom has some unresolved trauma, which is understandable.

But she can’t take it out on OP.

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