January 25, 2024 at 4:49 pm

Man Tries To Flee Scene Of Accident In Slow-Motion After Backing Into Someone’s Car

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@skiz_fps

How some people are still legally allowed to drive a car is fascinating sometimes, isn’t it?

The mental capacity, focus, and amount of skill it takes to drive isn’t beginner-level.

It requires some ability.

But with the advent of the cell phone camera, we’ve gotten a glimpse of just how many bad drivers there are out there.

And also how many people without scrupules. (when’s the last time you heard that word?)

The video opens in the aftermath of a man who allegedly backed into another car.

Source: TikTok/@skiz_fps

A man is seen attempting to stop the car with his bare hands and Herculean quads.

“Call the cops” he instructs, as the sedan keeps trying to drive away from the scene.

Source: TikTok/@skiz_fps

The man tries with all his might, as another woman enters the frame.

“Stop it! Stop it!” she shouts, hoping that’ll do the trick.

The guy just keeps on driving.

At -0.3 mach speed.

Source: TikTok/@skiz_fps

Check out the full clip here:


This guy pulled out and smashed this ladys car and it was a show after that 😂 #fyp #lol #viral #newyork #hitandrun

♬ original sound – 0_0

Pretty tense situation, all kidding aside.

But the comments section was all here for the jokes.

One person noticed something in common with everyone.

Source: TikTok/@skiz_fps

While another commenter questioned the efficacy of OP’s video skills.

Source: TikTok/@skiz_fps

Hey this person was just wondering exactly what I was.

Source: TikTok/@skiz_fps

Alas, no super powers witnessed that day.

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