January 15, 2024 at 6:49 pm

People Are Buying Clothes At Thrift Stores And Reselling Them Online, And This Woman Explains Why That’s Hurting People

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@biggglizzie

I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with buying things from thrift stores and then reselling them, but that’s just me…

And I guess I can see why it would rub people the wrong way, but still…we live in a free market, so all is fair!

But a TikTokker named Liz isn’t too happy about this trend and she posted a video and talked to viewers about how she feels.

Liz said, “It feels ridiculous that I even have to say this but don’t buy clothes in bulk from a thrift store to resell them on Depop.”

Source: TikTok/@biggglizzie

She continued, “Like, I understand for a lot of people that going to the thrift store, thrifting is just like a cute little quirky thing for, like, girls in high school when you don’t really have a lot of money from your serving job. But [some] people rely on the thrift store for their clothing.”

Source: TikTok/@biggglizzie

Liz went on to say, “Quit ******* wiping out thrift stores,” she concluded. “They’re not some quirky little wholesale retailer. It’s literally a clothing/home goods store for people with low income. Get a grip Depop girls.”


Source: TikTok/@biggglizzie

Check out her video.


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Now let’s see what people had to say about this.

This person said the morality is blurry on this one…

Source: TikTok/@biggglizzie

Another viewer said this is the fault of retailers.

Source: TikTok/@biggglizzie

And one person said the sellers on Depop aren’t the problem here.

Source: TikTok/@biggglizzie

Yeah, I’m gonna have to call BS on this one.

There are plenty of clothes at these stores. They literally have piles of them in the back.

Sell what you want. If you can make a quick buck, do it!

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