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Uncle Keeps Making Niece Go Get Him The Wrong Drinks Because He Think It’s Funny. So She Goes Full Millennial On Him And Gets Revenge.

by Addison Sartino

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Can we all agree that uncles are mostly good people… but they seem to have weird sense of humor?

This young writer took to Reddit to share her story about an uncle of hers who had a really strange way of getting his chuckles.

Let’s check it out.

My uncle thinks it’s funny to get me to run back and forth between the pool and the kitchen getting him drinks.

He will say he wants a Coke then claim he asked for a beer, then asked where his Coke is.

He usually blames it on us “damn millennials” always being on our phones and not paying attention. For whatever reason my parents don’t tell him to **** off.

It started getting old a long time ago and I usually dealt with it by making myself scarce when he is over.

Now he’s back…

He was visiting over Memorial Day and he caught me. He asked for a Coke so I brought him a Coke. Then he said he had asked for a beer.

So I pulled out my phone and played the video I had recorded of him asking for a Coke.

Like most of us damn millennials I was on my phone when he asked and I knew what was coming so I recorded his request.

He asked me for a beer because that’s what he really wanted so I told him I would be happy to get him a beer after he finished his drink because unlike his boomer generation I don’t waste stuff for the fun of it.

Still… he tried it again!

The next time he asked me for a drink my phone was in my pocket.

So I pulled it out and said I didn’t remember what he asked for could he please repeat himself.

He said he would just get his own drinks. I told him that was a great idea.

My parents think I was a jerk being rude to a guest and my elder. I thought I was just making sure he got what he asked for.


There was a pretty unanimous decision that the writer was NOT the *******.

One reader was quick to defend the writer.

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Another person hopped in with opinion on how they would’ve handled the situation.

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Short, sweet, and to the point.

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Sounds like this young woman was right in sticking up for herself.

Love it!

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