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Wife Keeps Making Hurtful Comments About Newborn Daughter’s Looks, So Husband Reads Her The Riot Act

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@emmcout

I don’t want to sway anyone’s opinion, but I personally think that the actions of this guy’s wife are WEIRD.

But hey, that’s just me…

Dig in to the story below and see if you think this guy was justified for getting angry at his wife.

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AITA for going off on my wife for commenting about our 3-week-old daughter’s looks?

“My daughter, our second child, is three weeks old. Pre pregnancy, my wife was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder and depression, and in the days since birthing our baby girl, is most definitely experiencing post-partum depression.

Our first child, our son, looks very much so like her. In fact, if you look at baby photos of my wife, they look almost exactly like our son’s baby photos. And my wife is is a looker, so my son is cute, thank you very much.

And then there’s the daughter…

Our daughter got a bit more of my side’s gene pool. Her hairline kinda has a widow’s peak (which I’ve had since I was a baby). Her lips are relatively thin (like me). Her nose is a little larger than our sons was (I have a Middle Eastern classic hook nose).

His wife is acting strange about this.

Nearly every day in my daughter’s 21 days on this earth, my wife has made a comment to baby girl about how she’s so sad she got daddy’s features.

Some of the things wife has said to baby girl:

  • Don’t worry, I’ll get you a nose job as soon as you’re old enough.
  • I wish you had gotten more of my features. My family is beautiful and all the women are timeless. Your dads family, not so much.
  • [Son] has the beautiful pouty lips and you got stuck with those pencil lips – oooh it’s really tough being a girl.

Up until yesterday, I was taking a softer approach with comments like – “ok be nice” and “ok chillax” but today I had enough and just snapped and yelled at her for like five minutes straight, and I cursed quite a bit too.

He decided to tell her how he really felt.

The gist of my statements were:

  • I don’t care if she can’t yet understand what you’re saying, stop putting that **** out into the universe.
  • [son] can understand you, so stop this garbage.
  • I can understand you, so stop putting this **** in my head and making me listen to it.
  • Yea life on girls is tough in this world, especially when their mom is ******** all over their appearance.
  • She’s three weeks old and is still perfect and noble and hasn’t hurt a soul. Stop projecting onto her.
  • You regularly tell me how your mom messed up your psyche with all her comments about your appearance so why the hell are you doing the same to baby girl?

As you can imagine, they are now fighting…

Anyways she was understandably hurt by my comments and we haven’t really talked about it or debriefed since.

I recognize that part of her comments stem from her anxiety/depression as well as her postpartum depression, and I also recognize there a lot of this stems from her mom’s influence on her psyche.

I also recognize that yelling and berating people is rarely the right thing.

So AITA here?”

Now it’s time to see what Reddit users had to say.

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Another Reddit user thinks they know what is causing this behavior.

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Another individual said they know where his wife is coming from but she needs help.

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This person said he’s NTA at all.

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And one reader said this is inexcusable.

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That is just plain WEIRD behavior…

That’s just my humble opinion…

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