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Woman Parked In Front Of Fire Hydrant And Refused To Move. Then A Fire Starts Across the Street, And She Got Exactly What She Deserved.

by Ryan McCarthy

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Some people are utterly. convinced that rules don’t apply to them, especially the rules of parking.

Sometimes this is relatively harmless, like the boosted pick-up that somehow takes up 4 parking spots at once.

But other times ignoring parking rules can be very dangerous, like in this story where a woman refused to move her car from in front of a fire hydrant, and there ended up being a fire right across the street!

Check out what happened next for yourself!

“YOU need to leave MY CAR alone!” “If you say so.”

This is not my story but my friend Adam’s. Adam is a retired police officer and this takes place in the mid 90’s, back when Adam was a beat cop maybe a year or two into his service.

At the time this story takes place, a firebug had targeted several businesses over the course of a 3 month period. Everyone was on edge and the police were patrolling the area every night to try and catch Mr. Firebug. On this particular night in the middle of February, Adam and his partner, Rick, drew the short stick and thus were assigned to patrol part of the area.

But on their patrol, they run into a familiar face…

While on patrol, he notices a classic Mercedes Benz pulling up to a house and a familiar lady dressed in a thick fur coat steps out. He groans…it’s the wife of a local business owner that every officer in this town have had the displeasure to ticket for various parking/traffic violations.

It would’ve been fine if she were a nice lady or something. But no. Her three default sentences were “Don’t you know who I am?!” “Where’s your manager/supervisor?!” and “I’ll have your job!” Seriously, she was a Karen before Karens were even a thing.

I’m sure you can see where this story is heading!

Rick points out to Adam that Karen had parked right by a fire hydrant. Par for the course.

Adam gets ready and steps out of the squad car.

“What are YOU doing HERE?” Karen bellowed.

Adam guessed that’s the Karen version of the word “hello”.

“Working the beat. You do know you parked next to a fire hydrant?”

“So?” Karen said.

“I’m suggesting you move it before I write you a ticket. I’m not in the mood for extra paperwork tonight.”

But with her next response, this Karen had sealed her (along with her car’s) fate!

“Listen. YOU need to leave MY CAR alone. Or I’ll have your job!”

With that, Karen storms off to the house, goes inside and slams the door.

Adam thought “If you say so” and proceeded to check the outside of the car for any more violations.

As he’s putting the ticket under the windshield wiper, the call everyone’s been dreading comes on the radio.

A fire alarm has been triggered.

The address? Right across the street.

Adam looks over at the building and can see a faint orange glow in the windows on the second floor. He reports the glow.

What are the chances? Karen must have had some serious bad karma built up from all of her past parking mistakes!

Unfortunately, by the time the fire department gets there, flashover happens and all the windows on the second floor get blown out.

The fire department need to get the hoses set up. But Karen’s car is in the way.

Using safety hammers, they break the windows and run the hoses through, getting everything set up in record time.

During all of the chaos, Karen comes out and she sounds like a banshee that had swallowed an air raid siren.

She runs over and tries unhooking the hose from the hydrant. “What are you DOING?! My car is RUINED!”

Well, you did tell him to leave it alone, didn’t you?

It took two officers to restrain her and bark at her to go inside and let everyone do their jobs.

She actually listened and returned inside. Adam spent the rest of his shift helping with the fire and investigation.

It was close to dawn when he returned to the station to finish up. All he wanted was to go home and crawl into bed.

But Karen wasn’t going away that easily…

That’s when his supervisor calls Rick and him over and reports that Karen reported several thousand dollars worth of damage. Not only had her windows broken but water had gotten in and froze because it was, again, the middle of February.

The supervisor asked them what happened and they reported everything. Fortunately, the dashcam caught a recording of the event.

The supervisor shook her head, laughed and said “Well, you had nothing to do with the car getting damaged, so I consider this closed.”

But even after this ridiculous situation, the woman never learnt her lesson, and kept getting parking tickets!

Unfortunately, Karen never did seem to learn her lesson so she was back to racking up tickets and being a thorn in the police’s side.

She did have to pay for the damages and the ticket Adam gave her.

Reddit did not have one ounce of sympathy for her, with this user remembering their own fire department having to destroy a nice car to put out a fire.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This person pointed out that even in intense situations like a fire, it must still be pretty fun to smash the windows out of a car!

Source: Reddit/AITA

Karen’s shocked reaction to the consequences of her actions reminded this user of their own experience with entitled people thinking they were in the right, and having the police not take their side!

Source: Reddit/AITA

This commenter pointed out that with her flagrant disregard for the rules, she must be making the city a lot of money in parking tickets!

Source: Reddit/AITA

And this person even thought that the unlikable Karen was going to be the one setting the fires! A very Scooby-Doo twist!

Source: Reddit/AITA

I have to say, I don’t feel bad for her, especially considering they gave her the opportunity to move her car before any of the craziness went down!

Good riddance!

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