February 22, 2024 at 9:44 pm

Awful Woman On A Train Told German Passengers To Get Out Of “My Country” And The Internet Is Not Letting Her Off The Hook

by Laura Lynott

Source: Twitter

It’s always deeply concerning to see antisocial behavior on transport but now people have gotta know they misbehave and they could be being filmed.

This woman lost it on a train and verbally berated some German men but when she pulled out the ‘get out of this country’ language, she was filmed and then reports later highlighted she’d been fired from her job!

Source: @reddit

Now, no one should ever spout such things but the fact this was all captured on camera led to very serious consequences for the woman, who behaved appallingly.

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Source: @reddit

She was later labeled ‘Train Karen’ after telling the German men to “get the *** out of my country.” And then she was fired from her job and as long as this video stays online, this woman will be remembered for these actions, even if this isn’t who she normally was.

It appeared in the video that she was drunk and at one point her boyfriend told her he was an immigrant too, as he tried to stop her verbally abusing the men.

Source: @reddit

There was never any context of what took place before the video started recording but regardless, the woman was filmed shouting abuse at the German passengers.

People have got to be aware, there are literally thousands of cameras around when you go out and to behave!

Watch the full unfortunate clip here:

Here’s what people thought of the bad behavior:

It sure is a warning.

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You probably do but she got caught on camera.

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It sure is!

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What a silly thing to do.

Hopefully this will give this woman a reality check.