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Bad Neighbor Wouldn’t Stop Parking Right Behind Them, So They Dug Into His Background And Learned Some Horrifying Details

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@paultrienekens

Parking wars are alive and well, folks…

And this story is a doozy!

It comes to us from Reddit’s “Pro Revenge” page and it has some serious twists and turns.

Check out what happened…

Neighbor likes to park in front of my house? Okay then.

“My neighbor started parking on the street behind my car (like literally inches) for no apparent reason.

My neighbor has a driveway (empty), and also lived 2 houses down the street.

I don’t have a driveway, so on street parking is a must for me.

This guy was a jerk.

So, after a few weeks, I asked if it was necessary to park so close when there was literally no cars on the street for over a 1/4 mile.

He said “No, but there’s no law against it” with a big **** eating grin on his face.

A few weeks pass by, and my car gets hit because someone thought there was enough room to clear as his truck blocked the view of my car entirely.

I see this happen, but unfortunately can’t get a model or license plate number.

I find my neighbor’s email address (because I really didn’t feel like talking to him) and asked him again, if he could just park further down the road, closer to his house.


He replied “Nope. Suck on it.”


I had lived here for quite a long time, and never had any issues with him or any other neighbor (I keep to myself, never make noise, don’t have any noisy pets or parties, etc).

His truck has his business name on it. I google it. Find out it’s his own business. Lots of yelp reviews, BBB rating, etc.

All these links point to his website.

I go to check his website – it doesn’t load up.

I head over to whois and see that the domain isn’t registered.

I’ll take that!

I snag it.

Before I think of what to do with it, I google the owners name and find out he’s been convicted of  doing something absolutely horrific 20 years ago.

I find a handful of links that details his story rather explicitly.

I copy/paste all those links into an email to him (a throw away account so he can’t just reply to me as I deleted it afterward).

Said something like “well, if you want to be a jerk for no reason, I just bought your business domain. Here’s all the links I plan on posting on it. I don’t have to list your business name because all of your business listings across the internet have this URL pointing to it. Keep parking like a jerk. Yes, it’s legal, but you are willfully doing this just to annoy me. I legally bought your domain, and can legally link these articles. Park behind me again, and I’ll launch it.”

That worked…obviously…

Within an hour his truck was moved into his driveway.

He asked me for the domain, and I told him “when either you move, or I move, I’ll hand it over. Until then it’ll remain offline”.”

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This neighbor sounds like a nightmare…

Keep your eyes peeled!

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