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Customer Debated if Getting A Costco Membership Is Still Worth It When You’re Single. – ‘That’s girl math, Costco for $20 for the year.’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@saraphineisabellestanier

Is Costco worth it?

I mean, is it REALLY worth it?

That was the debate a woman named Saraphine was having with herself and her TikTok viewers in a viral video she posted on the social media platform.

She said she’s single and lives alone and wondered if the membership to Costco would be worth it for her.

Saraphine explained how she got her foot in the door at Costco in the first place and said, “So want to know what I just got? I just got my first Costco membership and the reason I did that is because Groupon is having a sale right now. You can buy the Costco membership for $60 and you get a $40 Costco gift card, electronic gift card back. That’s girl math, Costco for $20 for the year.”

She also told viewers that she’s paying $2.89 per gallon of gas with her membership compared to the $3.59 she was paying where she lives.

Source: TikTok/@saraphineisabellestanier

Saraphine addressed the Caesar salad she bought from Costco and said, “I was looking at the Caesar salad with dressing, croutons, and lemons, [which] didn’t come with chicken, but I was looking at it and I was like, ‘$9.52 that’s kind of a lot of money.’ For like, this whole thing of salad, and this was completely full.”

But her mind changed and she added, “I had one yesterday for lunch, I had one today for lunch, and now I’m having this one for dinner. And I also got a rotisserie chicken…a Costco rotisserie chicken and this was, $9.52 for the salad and then the Costco chicken was roughly $5.”

Saraphine explained further, “So that is about $14.52 for three meals and I’ve used that chicken for more than just the Caesar salads. I’ve also been using it with these pho things.”

Source: TikTok/@saraphineisabellestanier

She then said about another item she got from the store, “I just can’t believe how much money I’m gonna save at Costco. And I usually get those little pre-made salad mixes that you can get at like Walmart or something like that. Those alone are like four bucks for the tiny little ones. Pay an extra $5 and I get three meals instead of just one.”

Saraphine then explained, “I was hesitant on being single, by myself and getting a Costco membership but between the gas, the $40 gift card, chicken Caesar salads, for $15 for three of them, and then after I’m done with the Rotisserie chicken I can put it, put it in a pot, put some water in it, chicken stock! Or chicken broth one of those two. And then I never have to pay for chicken br—oh my God.”

To sum it all up, she said, “Costco’s a ******* steal.”

Source: TikTok/@saraphineisabellestanier

Take a look at her video.


i will give more updates on whats worth buying there and whats not. #costco #costcogirl #single #costcofinds #costcotiktok #fyp #girldinner

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Here’s how people responded.

This person sounds like they’re a big fan of Costco.

Source: TikTok/@saraphineisabellestanier

Another TikTokker offered up some advice.

Source: TikTok/@saraphineisabellestanier

And this viewer is trying to make people come over to the Sam’s Club side…

Source: TikTok/@saraphineisabellestanier

Real talk, Costco is so worth it.

Would extend my membership.


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