February 27, 2024 at 4:35 am

Her Daughter Wants All The Cool Tech Her Stepsister Bought For Herself, But Mom Tells Her She Just Can’t Afford The Latest And Greatest

by Trisha Leigh

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Being envious of one’s friends is nothing new when it comes to young and teenage girls. Fitting in is so important at that age and you don’t want anyone to get far ahead.

That said, a good percentage of kids just has to learn that money doesn’t grow on trees, and some families have more than others.

OP has a 10yo from a previous relationship and a stepdaughter (17) who works hard and buys herself nice things.

I have a daughter 10f and a stepdaughter 17f with my new husband

My stepdaughter got a nice summer job and saved up a lot of money she also works a part time job and makes quite a lot.

She bought herself a ipad air a laptop for collage and an s24 ultra.

Her own daughter wants some (all) of those nice things for herself.

My daughter has been increasingly wanting those things she recently asked for an iphone 15 because all her rich friends had them and she also wanted a ipad pro.

I told her I would get her an ipad for her birthday but not an ipad pro she still complained and left.

OP said she would get her something nice for her birthday but her daughter thought the gifts weren’t good enough.

Her birthday was a few days ago and we got her a redmi note 13 for 200 euro and an ipad 9th gen for the same price.

She threw a tantrum complaining how she got a cheap phone and about how all her friends have iphones 15s and how it’s unfair her stepdaughter gets nice stuff while she doesn’t and called me a terrible mom.

Now she’s being made to feel like she favors her stepdaughter.

My ex says I’m favouring my stepdaughter and I should buy her the iphone 15 and ipad pro but It would put a strain on finances and I don’t think a 10 year old needs the latest smartphone.

now my ex and daughter are mad AITA?

I hope Reddit can make this lady see reason!

The top comment had some harsh words for OP’s ex.

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Other parents agree the kiddo doesn’t need it.

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She doesn’t have a good enough reason, either.

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They say you don’t have to explain things to your kid.

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And this commenter thinks OP should be teaching her daughter important life lessons.

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This one is kind of wild altogether.

This girl needs a swift dose of reality, no matter how painful.

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