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Her Mother-In-Law Betrayed Her Trust By Sharing Pictures Of Her Kids With An Exiled Family Member, So She Kicked Her Out Of Her House

by Trisha Leigh

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If someone seems to be making extreme decisions, especially when it comes to protecting their family, they usually have a pretty good reason for it.

So it can be really hard to judge without all of the details.

OP’s mother-in-law lives with them. No one talks to her (really bad) sister-in-law.

My SIL is a vile person. My husband and the rest of his family do not speak to her (or so I thought)

One day, OP saw a picture of her kids on the internet – even though they never put pictures of the kids on the internet.

I was having a very nice day some time ago when a friend suddenly sent me a screenshot.

It was a picture of someone on twitter saying horrible things about my children (3 and 5). I was horrified because I don’t put pictures of them on social media.

My friend explained that person A that insulted my kids was arguing with person B whose header was a picture of my children. Person A assumed they were person B’s kids and insulted them as a comeback.

Friend said she was pretty sure I wasn’t person B because they had some weird things in their bio/tweet history that I would never say/or believe in.

I informed my husband and we basically freaked out trying to figure out who person B was and why they had a picture of our children.

I then remembered that I sent that picture of the kids to my MIL and I even checked our texts to make sure.

The MIL admitted to being the one at fault.

MIL has been staying with us for a week or so, so we waited for her to come home from wherever then my husband explained what happened.

She seemed concerned as well until my husband asked if she sent that picture to anyone else. She immediately went red in the face and started avoiding eye contact and everything.

She then said she sent it to my SIL. In fact, she’s been sending her several pictures of my children.

I can’t even lie, I saw red. It made a lot of sense too because after looking through person B’s account, they sounded just like her.

MIL apologized and said she was just trying to make her daughter feel less isolated.

OP told her she needed to move out.

But I was so incredibly angry. I told my MIL that all I’m hearing from her is utter BS and she doesn’t have to worry about her poor daughter being isolated because she can pack up her stuff and go live with her.

MIL immediately started apologizing and said she didn’t think SIL would save the pictures. She swore to never do it again and even deleted the pictures of my children off her phone.

I couldn’t bring myself to care. The next day while she was leaving, she said I was being too harsh. I told her to stop talking to me.

My husband is completely on board with this but he’s busy with his sister and making sure she changes her twitter header (it did end up being her).

Now some people think she’s being too harsh, since the MIL didn’t mean anything bad.

I can’t explain the amount of rage I still feel, but MIL did seem very apologetic.

And my FIL, her ex husband, even reached out to me saying that my anger is valid but that I shouldn’t kick her out because I’ve left her in a very tough spot especially since she had 0 bad intentions.

I’m afraid my anger is blinding me (and my husband) so I’m just curious. AITA?

Does Reddit agree that she overreacted? Let’s find out!

The top comment wonders if MIL would have ever fessed up on her own.

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This person says no more pics for the mother-in-law.

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They’re saying there’s no way they could ever trust her again.

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As a parent, this is a major safety concerned.

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No one believes the apology is all that sincere.

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This one is a little tougher for me.

But that’s probably just my Midwest People Pleaser coming out.

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