February 29, 2024 at 2:38 pm

‘I am making 22% less than when I first started six years ago.’ – Flight Attendant Shares How A Once Desirable Job Is Now Completely Miserable

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@dandelion_wind

There are a few jobs / careers that I just don’t think I could handle.

Flight attendant is absolutely top 3 on that list.

One of the big reasons is the entitled, out-of-control general population of travelers.

Just seen too many horror stories on TikTok.

Another reason though, that it’s become so untenable, is the decreasing pay that they get.

Decreasing. During inflationary economic years of a country trying to get back on its feet.

One woman on TikTok has had enough.

And this is her story.

Source: TikTok/@dandelion_wind

As she pounds the table, she looks in the camera, saying

“Do. Not. Become a flight attendant. Right now. In this economy”

She continues, “And honestly, there are new hire flight attendants who are living out of their cars.”

Excuse me, what?

Source: TikTok/@dandelion_wind

Then she drops the mic.

“I am making 22% less than when I first started six years ago.”

Jaw. Meet floor.

“I am losing interest in being here.”

I mean that’s both literally and figuratively.

Interest rates, if your paycheck is bringing in 22% less, have got to be crushing!

Source: TikTok/@dandelion_wind

You need to heed her advice, take a look at her plea here:


I am LIVID. Ive kept my mouth shut for long enough. Oh and your first year of flying you are projected fo make 26k for the year. Thats below the poverty line. Our job is to save peoples lives in an emergency. We saw that recently with japan airlines and alaska airline. GUESS WHO IT WAS that made sure every passanger was okay and SAFE… flight attendants. Im so beyond sick of us being treated like our only job is to pass out a diet coke. No babe. Its to keep you alive. #flightattendant #cabincrew #travel

♬ original sound – Dandelion_wind

And check out the video she took for the flight attendant strike:


WE ARE READY TO STRIKE. can you hear all 100k of us unified now?? #corporategreed #strike #flightattendant #cabincrew #news #travel #unionstrong

♬ original sound – Dandelion_wind

Wow. Let’s see what folks had to say.

One person seems to be just as fed up.

Source: TikTok/@dandelion_wind

Then you realize they get paid exactly $0.00 for delayed planes?!

Or boarding?!

Source: TikTok/@dandelion_wind

Another person is passing the news along to anyone even considering it.

Source: TikTok/@dandelion_wind

Enough is enough.

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