February 22, 2024 at 2:27 pm

Vindictive Sister-In-Law Only Invited Her Brother And Kids To The Wedding. Now The Family Is Pulling Out Of Going Too.

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA

Oh man, if y’all love tea and family drama, you’d better be a regular on Reddit.

People will spill it all just to be judged as far as whether or not they were right in the first place. It’s awesome.

OP’s sister-in-law has hated her since she got pregnant and “ruined” her husband’s life.

My husband (m26) and I (f25) have three kids. Our eldest is 7, then we have a 4 year old and a ten month old baby. My husband’s sister (f30) is the one getting married.

Our relationship with her isn’t so great, she is always making unnecessary comments. I know that she dislikes me a lot, she didn’t like me from the first time my (then boyfriend) introduced us together.

Then when I got pregnant I was still in school and my boyfriend had just started college. He dropped out and we needed a lot of support from our families to settle down back then.

So my SIL thinks that I ruined her brother’s/ family’s life because I didn’t get it taken care of at the time.

She has always been rather hostile, we mostly only see her at family gatherings, she doesn’t visit or anything and honestly that’s better.

She has caused problems before because she says that my husband was the “golden child” and she was the “scapegoat”, and then when I got pregnant their parents basically adopted me and spoiled me because I was with my husband.

So, when the sister sent wedding invites, she sent it to her brother and their children only.

So, she sent invitations for her wedding. She sent my husband his invitation which had his name and our three kids’ names, not mine.

My hubby asked her about this and she said that I’m not a pleasant person to be around, so I’m not invited.

He told her that is extremely disrespectful since I’m his wife, they argued a bit through text and my husband told her to not count on him or the kids because they’re not going.

OP’s husband said he wasn’t coming if his wife wasn’t invited.

She blamed it on my hubby being immature. My in-laws tried to mediate between them, she replied to them saying that she’s not surprised they’re taking our side.

They argued and my in-laws said that since she’s having this attitude, they’re not going either to the wedding. Immediately after she started blaming me.

She said that this is all my fault because I could’ve just accepted that I am not invited and “allow” my husband and children to exist without me for a couple hours.

She also called me stupid and uneducated, also spoiled, and said I have “princess syndrome”

Because of her behavior, now a bunch of other family isn’t coming, either.

I told this to my husband and his parents, they told some other family members and now apparently a lot of them cancelled their assistance as well.

She keeps blaming it all in me.

Yes, I didn’t tell my husband to go, I admit that, so I think that’s why I’m possibly an a—— because I could’ve prevented such a big drama and I didn’t.

Also I think that she’s just an a—— in general, but in this case she might be for expecting my husband to be okay with her leaving me behind.

OP is wondering if she should have just told her husband to go.

I bet Reddit is loving this tea, too!

The top comment says none of this is OP’s fault.

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This person agrees the SIL is being awful.

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But this commenter is wondering if we’re getting the whole story.

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They say it can be hard to be the SIL in this situation.

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The sister definitely wanted a fight.

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Regardless of why she might be feeling slighted, this is mean.

It’s probably past time to let it go.

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