February 21, 2024 at 5:22 pm

Woman’s Experience With Dental Insurance Fraud Is Absolutely Alarming. – ‘I hope you filed a HIPAA complaint.’

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@alberta.nyc

Teledentistry? When you didn’t consent to it?

Really folks, that’s where we’re at in American medical care?

As if dealing with a dentist’s office can be any more infuriating, we just had to up it a notch, didn’t we?

The feeling of potentially being scammed is enough to make your blood boil.

Then the realization that you are the one at the center of it all, not your dentist, not your insurance; you.

Well one woman on TikTok had just one of those experiences.

Source: TikTok/@alberta.nyc

She begins where all the red flags should have been raised, saying

“So I get this letter in the mail from a company I’ve never heard of, called ‘Your Smile Partner'”

Huh? I’d immediately trash it. But she saw at the bottom some very concerning, and illegal-seeming, fine print.

It read “If you do not respond to this letter, we will consider this accepted consent for teledentistry.”

And her insurance company tried to charge her for it.


Source: TikTok/@alberta.nyc

She then goes on to show the uber-creepy, obviously AI-faked, excuse for a website this company had set up.

Complete with nightmare-inducing attempts at humans smiling directly into the camera.

She explains “Their ‘About Us’ section is 3 stock photos with no names”.

Source: TikTok/@alberta.nyc


Watch her horrifying story here:


I guess smile direct club has some competition now 😭

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Let’s see what folks had to say about this insanity.

A few people spoke about the insurance company needing to step up their game.

Source: TikTok/@alberta.nyc

While one commenter invoked HIPAA violations.

Source: TikTok/@alberta.nyc

This person just can’t even fathom the concept.

Others chimed in with some similar, eyebrow-raising stories!

Source: TikTok/@alberta.nyc

If you don’t respond to the 14th letter received on the 43rd Wednesday of the 2nd calendar year, we will consider that consent for a root canal performed in your sleep when you least expect it.

Cool, sign me up!

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