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Fiancée’s Mom Says He’s Being Cheap With His Ring Selection, So He Threatens To Uninvite Her From The Wedding If She Doesn’t Fall In Line

by Addison Sartino

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In-laws can be tough to deal with. Mother in-laws and wedding plans particularly have a bad reputation.

This man took to Reddit to share his story.

I (34M) am engaged to my fiancée “Emily” (31F).

Both of our families are lower class so we have to pay for the wedding by ourselves.

We talked it through and I suggested we have a more chill, smaller wedding and save our money for a downpayment on a bigger house.

The couple’s finances are different.

I make significantly more than her (she’s a teacher and I’m a doctor) so I told her I would take care of the majority of expenses like the venue, catering, and planner if she just paid for her dress and smaller stuff like that.

The bride-to-be’s mother does not like the wedding details.

Last week her parents hosted a party for us before the wedding and her mom kept making comments about how she can’t believe how small our wedding will be or that we’re not hosting it at the fancy hotel downtown that’s “just so much better and elegant” than what I chose.

I even overheard her talking to her sister about how small the diamond is in Emily’s ring and that it’s embarrassing a doctor won’t treat her daughter better.

I spent about 5k which I thought was fair.

The mother in law was stuck on the groom’s occupation.

She just seemed so hung up on the fact that her daughter is marrying a doctor but the wedding/ring aren’t on a “doctor level”.

Based on what I know, I think she is a little embarrassed about her family’s socioeconomic status, and was hoping her daughter marrying a doctor would help “improve” her image to her friends and extended family.

The wife was uncomfortable.

Throughout all of it, Emily looked extremely embarrassed and awkward and kept trying to tell her mom it was fine and her mom just said “you need to learn to stand up for yourself”.

This is when I just lost it and told her mom she can be uninvited from the wedding if she has so many problems with it and is embarrassed by how “cheap” I am.


Reddit users had varying opinions.

One person called the mother in law a gold digger and suggested taking precaution.

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Another reader brought up Emily’s thoughts and feelings about the whole thing.

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This person also brought up the bride’s feelings.

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Afraid this future hubby isn’t off to the best start.

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