March 10, 2024 at 5:41 am

Her Sister Won’t Stop Badgering Her About Settling Down, But She Thinks That Her Sister’s Life Is A Nightmare And Tells Her As Much

by Matthew Gilligan

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Wow, that’s harsh…

Telling someone that their life is your biggest nightmare?

But was this remark over the line? Or was this woman just speaking the truth?

Check out her story below and see what you think.

AITA for telling my sister that her life is my biggest nightmare?

I 27f have an older sister Kara 45f.

We have a big age gap but are still quite close and she is basically like another parent for me, and we got much closer when our mom passed away when I was 14.

Kara basically raised me and is very overprotective, but in the past I have asked her to give me some space.

I have always been career focused and dated casually and nothing long term.

Most my friends are married and some with kids so we are all at different life stages. My one and only serious relationship beyond 2 months was with my ex fiancé Ted however we broke up last year.

She’s still struggling.

I struggled to move on and only started recently casually dating, but I miss Ted so I can’t commit to anything.

Kara helped me through the break up, but she wanted me to get back together with Ted as she really liked him and even suggested that I pass up the job for him.

Kara really wants me to settle down like she has and I just think we are too different in that.

She is a SAHM to 3 kids and basically raising a fourth as her husband doesn’t lift a finger around the house and will kick up a fuss if the house is messy or there’s no food on the table.

I don’t like my BIL at all, and have encouraged Kara to discuss with him about getting him to help out around the house.

Her sister won’t give it a rest.

Kara called me again last night to encourage me about starting to date again, and that she set up a blind date for me and honestly I feel that’s the only thing we’ve spoken about for the past few weeks.

She said she just wanted me to be happy like she is, but I then told her that her life is my biggest nightmare.

She got upset and said I was being too harsh.

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Another individual said her sister was harassing her.

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And this person said she was too harsh to her sister…

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There’s a great rule of thumb when communicating something difficult to others and it is this: It’s 10% what you say and 90% how you say it.

Sounds like this sis needs a little lesson in how to do that more effectively.

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