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His Brother’s Girlfriend Picked On His Autistic Partner For Her Eating Habits, So They Ruin Their Pregnancy Announcement By Telling Them To Leave

by Addison Sartino

Source: Reddit/AITA, Pexels

Being neurodivergent comes with it’s challenges, but other’s being kind to you should never be one.

This man took to Reddit to share his story.

I (30m) have been with my girlfriend Kelly (29f) for 4 years and have known her for 10.

Kelly is autistic and one of her biggest problems is food, however since getting together with me she has opened up to a lot of new foods.

Just to give an example she wouldn’t eat certain vegetables as they are but wouldn’t mind having them blended in or cut in small pieces/spirals.

The man’s family made plans to get together for family dinner.

Now my brother Kevin (35m) have recently proposed to his girlfriend of 3 years Laura. He mentioned he has some news to announce and will I be OK to host a family dinner at my place since I love cooking.

I said it wouldn’t be a problem and we have decided on Japanese theme.

Now to the issue: for the main dish I have made ramen, including the noodles and broth from scratch. It had to be chicken as Kelly doesn’t really like beef or pork and since my mother also doesn’t eat pork.

It wasn’t too difficult to make accomodations for his girlfriend.

For Kelly’s portion only I have added some extra veggies (zucchinis, carrots, sweetcorn and some others) since she is not fond of eggs. So naturally her ramen was served without an egg, while everyone else had a standard portion which is enough to fill up a grown man.

I also made sure there were some snacks on the table like tempura, yakitori skewers, onigiri etc.

Despite all the dishes looking similar, one person couldn’t help but point out the differences.

Well within the first half an hour of her being there, Laura kept picking on Kelly and kept saying she can’t say she likes ramen because her version is not authentic.

None of us are asian or have any ties to asia if it matters.

This was upsetting to her and meant that Kelly started to eat significantly slower compared to the rest of the group (it happens when she is getting anxious).

Then Laura has tried to grab some of Kelly’s ramen to try and prove the point, so Kelly freaked out since she really doesn’t like sharing food that’s already on her plate.

This resulted in an argument between Kelly and Laura and Kelly crying due to her being overwhelmed.

The man stood his ground to defend his girlfriend.

After this I have asked my brother and Laura to leave.

My parents were absolutely terrified over how Laura behaved towards Kelly and hinted that Laura should apologise.

They ended up leaving but later I have received a call from Kevin calling me an ******* for kicking them out and spoiling Laura’s pregnancy reveal.

He also wasn’t happy about our mother scolding him over Laura’s behaviour.

Reddit users effortlessly took the writer’s side.

One person applauded the him and his parents for sticking up for Kelly.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Another reader called the sister in law a flat out bully.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This person reminded him of who really spoiled the night.

Source: Reddit/AITA

I’m on your side, Kelly!

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